SomnoDent in mouth

Caring for your SomnoMed Device

  • Always keep your device out of direct sunlight.
  • Store SomnoDent away from pets and small children. As they might find your device particularly interesting and unfortunately any damage caused is not covered under warranty.
  • When not in use keep your device immersed in clean water in storage container with the lid off.
  • When travelling clean the device thoroughly, dry with a cloth and place in the storage container without water and place the lid on.

Cleaning your SomnoMed Device

  • When you remove your device in the morning, rinse with water and clean it with small amount of liquid soap
  • You may use a soft toothbrush or the brush provided with your storage kit
  • Do not use toothpaste on your device as it contains abrasives and may cause damage
  • Never use hot water as it will damage the device
  • At night clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly before wearing your device
  • SomnoMed recommends the use of SomTabs to clean your device in hard to reach areas
  • You may use SomTabs as often as required; once a day to once a week.
  • Click here to purchase SomTabs.
  • For more information on exactly how to use SomTabs see video below or click here for more information

Tips when wearing a SomnoDent for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  • Always wear both upper and lower plates together; wearing only one plate renders the device ineffective.
  • In the morning you may find it helpful to chew gum or do jaw motion exercises to help alleviate any stiffness after wearing the device overnight.