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SomnoMed, the leader in COAT (Continuous Open Airway Therapy)®, is passionate about providing solutions that lead to healthier patients, healthier practices, and healthier businesses. As a medical device manufacturer, we specialize in the development and distribution of premium oral appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Clinically Proven

15+ clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy of SomnoDent oral devices in treating patients with mild-to-moderate OSA.

Quality Medical Device

SomnoDent oral devices are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured under ISO 13485 standards with FDA 510(k) clearance.

Effective Therapy

Growing family of SomnoDent oral devices not only achieve clinical efficacy and streamline care, but are designed to be inviting for patients to use night after night so patients can enjoy better days.

40% of diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients are CPAP intolerant.1

Successfully managing sleep apnea patients in today’s changing healthcare environment is more challenging and costly than ever. It has become increasingly important to make diagnosing sleep conditions more efficient, make therapy easier for OSA patients to live with and make ongoing care more productive.

1 Banu Salepci MD, Benan Caglayan MD, Nesrin Kiral MD, Elif Torun Parmaksiz MD, Sevda Sener Comert MD, Gulsen Sarac MD, Ali Fidan MD, and Gulten Aktin Gungar RN RESPIRATORY CARE – SEPTEMBER 2013 VOL 58 NO 92

Compliance Monitoring


Managing sleep apnea therapy compliance for long-term benefits

SomnoMed is proud to introduce Somnodent with compliance recorder – a definitive breakthrough merging oral device therapy with reliable compliance results you can depend on, only available through SomnoMed. SomnoDent with compliance recorder streamlines patient management while delivering easy access to essential data that empowers patients to drive their own compliance without the hassle of a CPAP.


”Our patients subjectively report that they use their SomnoDent devices at very high rates of compliance, but this is a way for physicians and dentists to reliably make sure that we are actually reaching those levels of compliance, because we know that the more compliant the patient is, the more effective the treatment.”

Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia, CEO Synaptrx Sleep/SleepMedRx


Finding the right solution

At SomnoMed, we realize that no two patients are alike, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering a suite of SomnoDent oral devices with a wide array of options to treat your patients and successfully manage sleep apnea care.


88% of patients report regular use of their SomnoDent device2

2 AM Respir Crit Care Med Vol 163. Pp 1457-1461, 2001.