Now Available in Australia.

SomnoDent® with DentiTRAC™ Compliance Recording

How it works

  • Using SomnoDent with compliance recording (powered by DentiTrac™), patient compliance can now be objectively measured when using an oral device
  • The compliance recorder registers the length of time the device is worn and the patient’s supine or non-supine head position
  • Using the base station, clinicians can upload patient data into HIPAA-secure Cloud

The benefits of SomnoDent with compliance recording


  • All SomnoDent devices can be fitted with a compliance recorder to measure clinical treatment, especially among CPAP intolerant patients.
  • In Australia, SomnoDent devices are the first and only dorsal fin oral devices with compliance recorder powered by DentiTrac and in Australia, SomnoDent devices are the only oral devices with compliance recorder powered by DentiTrac.
  • Many physicians are interested in their patients’ compliance and now that can be recorded by the compliance recorder and compliance is objectively measured
  • For the transport industry compliance recording will be essential for drivers diagnosed with OSA who wish to maintain their licence to drive.
  • SomnoDent devices with wearable compliance mirco-recording are also FDA 510(k) approved. For more information click here

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For more information on the DentiTrac system, click here



DentiTrac trademark is owned by Braebon who has provided an exclusive license within Australia & Europe.