Health Insurance Coverage

Because OSA is a medical condition, your treatment can be claimed through your medical health insurance provider.

Private Health Cover Claims will only be considered if you have had a sleep study and treatment has been recommended by a doctor. For Snoring and Mild to Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) SomnoDent can be considered as a first-line treatment. For more Severe OSA CPAP should be considered first, but if this is not tolerated then a SomnoDent is suitable.

Medicare will cover some of the cost of a sleep study – whether it is a Home Sleep Study or an Overnight Sleep Study in a Sleep Clinic.

In Australia, most private health insurers will cover SomnoDent mandibular advancement splints (MAS) under Major Dental as item number #984.

Talk to your Private Health Insurer about what your covered for as all insurers have varying levels reimbursement for this item number and major dental.

Patient Resources

Learn more about OSA treatment options and the comfortable, high-quality, and clinically effective line of SomnoDent products. If you are interested in finding a SomnoMed preferred dentist in your area, contact us.

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