Regularly Inspect your SomnoDent

Regularly inspect the device for signs of damage, such as fractures and cracks. If the device is damaged or broken, the device must NOT be used any longer to avoid injuries, such as choking or laceration. If the device is damaged, immediately take it to your SomnoMed dental sleep provider who will arrange for it to be repaired by a SomnoMed laboratory.


All repairs, including those under warranty, should be taken to your SomnoMed Dentist and not sent directly to SomnoMed. Note: Please keep the models of your teeth that were taken by your dentist at the time your SomnoDent was made. In the unlikely event of a break you will need to return these models with your device for repair. Should you not have these models you may incur additional costs outside of warranty.

SomnoDent 3 Year Comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty

SomnoMed warrants all SomnoDents supplied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 36 months from the date of delivery to the Providing Dentist.

a. The SomnoDent warranty is invalidated if the patient has subsequent substantial restorative work.


b. Additionally, the SomnoDent warranty is covered only for in-mouth breakage.

c. The warranty covers only repair of the device. If new models or impressions are required, the warranty is void. In such cases SomnoMed offers to remake the device at a reduced cost.

d. Warranty repair work may only be completed by the authorised SomnoMed facility at which the SomnoDent was originally manufactured.

e. Repairs not covered under warranty include, but are not limited to: reset bites, acrylic fracture; clasp repair; wing repair; and other damage not caused by manufacturing defects. For example, repairs caused by defective or distorted models, defective or distorted bite records, calculus deposits and device modifications made by non SomnoMed authorised technicians.

SomnoDent 6 Month Money Back Return Policy

SomnoDent Money-Back Policy is offered for all SomnoDent patients.

If a patient is unsatisfied with the level of effectiveness of their device – firstly a sleep study must be performed with their SomnoDent in-situ with in 6 months of purchase to analyse the clinical outcome of treatment. Should the outcome of treatment show that the device has not resolved AHI levels to below 50% of that at baseline. By means of the SomnoMed Dentist, our offer is to refund $500 in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1.  Return of SomnoDent device (at patient’s own expense) to:

  • Att: SomnoDent Returns
  • SomnoMed Limited
  • Level 3, 20 Clarke Street

2.  An accompanying covering letter from the prescribing medical doctor.

3.  A copy of both baseline and in-situ sleep study reports showing the device has not resolved AHI below 50% of baseline.

4.  Upon receipt of the items listed above, SomnoMed will forward a refund onto the facilitating dentist, who will in turn pass the refund on to the patient.

5.  Refund payments to the patient can only made by the DENTIST.

6.  If you do not understand the limits of the Money-Back Policy set out in this document, please contact SomnoMed on 1800 445 660.