SomnoDent: Norma’s Review of Oral Appliance Therapy

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If you’re considering wearing an oral appliance for sleep apnea, it’s a good idea to comb through the patient reviews of other oral appliance therapy (OAT) users before you commit to treatment.

Norma is one such example of a CPAP user who gave up her appliance for a more comfortable, SomnoDent mandibular advancement device. Her dentist fitted her for the device this past summer and this is her SomnoDent patient review and experience with COAT (Continuous Open Airway Therapy)®…

After struggling with sleep issues for several years, I was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea two and a half years ago. Because I wasn’t very overweight, my doctors hadn’t previously thought that sleep apnea was an issue. Finally, I was able to get a doctor to recommend a sleep study for me to find out why I had such a difficult time sleeping. The results came back with a diagnosis of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

My doctor immediately prescribed a CPAP machine. It was extremely difficult to adjust to, preventing me from having restful sleep. After about three months of forcing myself to use the machine each night, I was finally able to learn how to fall asleep while wearing it. The problem was that every night I would wake up just enough to take the mask off and go back to sleep. In the end, the CPAP was frustrating to wear, I had very few restful nights, and I developed a lot of anxiety.

One day I heard about a dental device that could help people with sleep apnea such as myself. My pulmonologist wrote me a prescription for an oral sleep appliance and I took it to my dentist, Dr. James Anderson at Lakeview Dental in Liberty, UT. He recommended a SomnoDent appliance and assisted me in getting fitted for one.

The experience was amazing — mostly because I never had a desire to remove the custom mouthpiece when I was sleeping at night. Now, I sleep better than I have in years!

Wearing a SomnoDent appliance has had a big impact on my sleep. I wish it would have been the first line of defense for sleep apnea over the bulky, uncomfortable CPAP machine. It’s also easier to travel with! This device has truly made a huge difference in my life.

See for yourself how the FDA-approved SomnoMed appliance fits more comfortably than wearing a CPAP:

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