Sunrise (Australia)

Ordering a Sunrise Home Sleep Test from SomnoMed is easy and convenient

$200 AUD (inclusive of GST and Shipment)

Includes review by Australian Specialist Sleep Physician.

Sunrise is TGA registered as a medical device clinically validated  to detect respiratory events and diagnose Sleep Apnea with just 1 test at night.

Sunrise is a small device that sits on your chin and delivers results to your app and to an Australian Specialist Physician to review after you wake up and synchronise to your app.

How to get your Sunrise?

Home sweet home.

Simply order and pay here and SomnoMed will send a Sunrise device to you.

Pair your sensor.

Follow the instructions in your sunrise box, download and pair this device with the Sunrise app.

Good night!

Sleep with the Sunrise and synchronise to the app on waking. Your test measurements will be available same day.

Your sleep report.

Additionally, the unique serial number on your device will allow the sleep study report from your Sunrise to be shared, along with your medical questionnaire, with an Australian accredited sleep physician.

A treatment for you.

After a review you will receive a report back, within 48 hours, with clinical treatment recommendations. Should you have OSA, these recommendations should be discussed with your doctor.

Sunrise Order Form (Australian orders only)

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**Australian resident orders only! Orders from outside Australia will be refunded.