SomnoDent® with Compliance Recorder:  Meet the first and only oral device with compliance recording technology.

SomnoMed is proud to introduce Somnodent with compliance recorder – a definitive breakthrough merging oral device therapy with reliable compliance results you can depend on, only available through SomnoMed.  SomnoDent with compliance recorder is designed to specially address the need for objective compliance measurement when using oral devices to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

How it works

  • Using SomnoDent with compliance recorder -powered by DentiTrac™-, patient compliance can now be objectively measured when using a SomnoDent oral device
  • The compliance recorder registers the length of time the device is worn and the patient’s supine or non-supine head position
  • Using the base station, clinicians can upload patient data into HIPAA-secure Cloud

The benefits of SomnoDent with compliance recording

  • Uniquely Compliant.  96% of patients would continue using their SomnoDent device
  • Highly Effective.  15+ independent clinical studies demonstrate SomnoDent efficacy
  • Uncompromised Accuracy.  Measure hours worn & head position and delivers daily summaries
  • HIPAA Secure – Cloud Based.  Your patient & practice records are secure & accessible from anywhere
  • Technical Specifications. Includes a thermal sensor, accelerometer and a 3 year device warranty

Incorporate SomnoDent with CR into your practice with confidence

  • All SomnoDent devices can be fitted with a compliance recorder to measure clinical treatment, especially among CPAP intolerant patients
  • In the US, SomnoDent devices will be the first and only dorsal fin oral devices with compliance recorder powered by DentiTrac and in countries outside of the US, all SomnoDent devices will be the only oral devices with compliance recorder powered by DentiTrac.
  • Many physicians are interested in their patients’ compliance and now that can be recorded by the compliance recorder and compliance is objectively measured
  • Many employers and payers offer Sleep Wellness programs to their employees, and realize cost savings and productivity gains for the company through improved health of their employees

Physicians:  Easily prescribe compliance recording with the SomnoDent Prescription Form

Dentists:  Download the SomnoDent Dentist Order Form to fulfill device prescriptions by clicking here

Repairs and retrofit orders: Use this form.

For more information on the DentiTrac system, click here

DentiTrac trademark is owned by Braebon who has provided a non-exclusive license to all US oral device manufacturers