Developed by SomnoMed, the SomnoDent™ portfolio of premium oral sleep devices is used in the effective treatment of sleep-disordered breathing by providing COAT™ (Continuous Open Airway Therapy). 

SomnoDent oral devices are clinically proven, safe, and FDA cleared for mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). As a mandibular advancement splint (MAS), the SomnoDent oral devices function by comfortably positioning the patient’s mandibular forward, clearing the obstructed airway.

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Quick advancement with interchangeable wings and fine screw adjustments at .1mm increments. Offers ultimate flexibility with an 8.5 mm range. Learn more »


Drop in fit. Made with unique SMH BFlex material, Flex has a soft inner liner which maintains retention and offers premium patient comfort. Learn more »


Held in place using medical grade stainless steel ball clasps. Offers unique drop-in fit. Learn more »


Casted frame traces arches for added strength. Herbst design allows lateral movement and easy titration. E0486 Medicare approved. Learn more »

SUAD Ultra™

Offers increased tongue space and unique anterior design. Same beneficial casted frame as SUAD model with superior strength. Learn more »


Herbst Advance™

Visual calibration indicator for the treatment of OSA, giving you and your patients greater control over therapy.  E0486 Medicare approved. Learn more »


Comfort and high-quality features in an affordable SomnoDent device. Available with ball clasp or poly+ liner for retention. Learn more »

Morning Repositioner

Bite deprogrammer designed to help return the mandible back to pre-treatment centric position. Learn more »

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SOMGaugeSomnoMeds’ new SOMGauge gives you more of what you need to quickly and easily capture the most accurate bite impression. Allows for an increased measurement of the vertical along with an adjustable ramp, lending to amplified impression accuracy and device integrity.

  • High level of patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Reduced chair time due to minimal adjustments needed
  • Proprietary SMH BFlex lining that does not attract odors or delaminate
  • Supported by years of medical research
  • 3 year product warranty, 2 year product warranty on Herbst® and SomnoDent Herbst Advance™ for non-Medicare patients
  • FDA 510(k) cleared, Class II Medical Devices
  • All devices manufactured under 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485 standards
  • E0486 Medicare verified product (Herbst ®, SomnoDent Herbst Advance)
  • Allergy Tabs Information

Comfortable for Patients – 88% of patients reported regular use of SomnoDent device¹ – Unique SMH BFlex technology provides unparalleled comfort² – SomnoDent oral devices are non-restrictive in movement, allowing the patient to fully open and close his or her mouth, drink water, talk, yawn, and take oral medication.

High Quality – FDA 510(k) cleared and manufactured at an ISO 13485 certified facility – Customized using the highest quality acrylic which does not discolor or attract odors – Device life expectancy 3-5 years; and Signature devices have a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Numerous design choice options to match almost every patient’s dentition and mouth structure.

Uniquely Compliant – The first and only dorsal fin oral device with micro-recorder that objectively records compliance data – by combining compliant recording technology, we can finally place COAT on the same playing field as CPAP therapy. Practitioners can now be assured that their patient is using and benefitting from the best possible treatment for sleep-disordered breathing.

Clinically Effective – 15 independent studies demonstrate the device’s significant clinical benefits – 91% of patients reported improvement in sleep quality with SomnoDent¹.

**NEW AASM Clinical Practice Guidelines for 2015, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

What is COAT™?

SomnoBrux Product Portfolio

SomnoMed® manufactures the leading custom fit acrylic occlusal splints (dental guards), the SomnoBrux, to protect patient’s teeth against heaving grinding and bruxism while also relievving symptoms of TMJ dysfunction.


Worn on the lower arch – covering only posterior teeth and pre-molars. Acrylic is connected with a heavy lingual bar to aid in strength and allow for tongue space.


Lower splint covering the anterior and posterior sections of the arch with a metal bar/connector to aid in the strength and allow for tongue space.


An upper splint covering anterior and posterior sections of the arch. Cuspid rise included to assist / guide the patient to disclude the posterior teeth when they protrude or move laterally

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¹AM / Respir Crit Care Med Vol 163. Pp 1457-1461, 2001
²SMH BFlex not available in Classic device