Comparing Sleep Apnea Devices

somnodent oral deviceFor many years, oral devices (also known as mandibular advance devices or oral appliances) have been a cottage industry with individual dental labs across the country making their own “custom” devices. Because Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a medical condition, manufacturing a high-quality medical device will ensure patients are treated with a product proven to successfully treat this chronic condition.

Other Custom, Adjustable Oral Devices

  • SomnoMed has treated more patients than most other oral device companies.
  • Many other companies do not adhere to the same strict compliance standards.
  • Other manufacturers lack a premium device option.
  • Non-proprietary materials offer a lower quality of fit and require more adjustment by a dentist.
  • While other devices may feature a ”slimmer profile” — they may not fit as well leading to periods of non-treatment.
  • Only a small number of companies offer independent clinical studies for their products.
  • Others do not provide the wide range of dental partners that SomnoMed connects you with.
  • No other dorsal fin oral device in the US can offer compliance recording technology.
  • Others lack devices for edentulous patients.
  • Other companies offer devices that are only partially repairable by the dentist.
  • Extended warranties of this length are not available with most other companies.

How SomnoDent Compares

  • Over 500,000 patients treated.
  • ISO13485 and FDA 510(k) cleared medical devices.
  • Product lines that feature premium and lower cost dorsal devices as well as E0486 approved devices.
  • Made with high quality materials such as proprietary SMH BFlex.
  • Offers premium comfort for patients. Almost 9 out of 10 patients rated the comfort of their SomnoDent device as good or better.1
  • Strong clinical evidence base with over 16 clinical studies. 91% of patients reported improvement in sleep quality with SomnoDent.2
  • Growing dental network with over 2,500 dentists nationwide.
  • First and only dorsal device with proprietary compliance recording technology similar to CPAP.
  • Edentulous devices available.
  • SomnoDent devices are fully repairable.
  • Device warranties up to 3 years.

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The SomnoDent Difference: Comparing Sleep Apnea Devices

1 AM / Respir Crit Care Med Vol 163. Pp. 1457-1461, 2001
2 SomnoMed Patient Survey, December 2014