Navigating the medical benefit landscape for obstructive sleep apnea reimbursement can be overwhelming. Because OSA is a medical condition, the claim is filed through a patient’s medical insurance provider. Below is a list of Medical Reimbursement Services for Dentist. Medical Insurance Reimbursement Services for Dentist

Billing Services Resources for Your Practice

Dental Writer Billing Services

From the Leaders in Medical Billing in Dentistry Since 1988

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Let the experts at DWBS take away the headache and worry of medical billing by understanding exactly how to approach each patient on a plan by plan basis.  DWBS will perform and review the following to educate your staff on how to handle every insurance question that arises. 

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and efficient certified medical reimbursement specialists working on your behalf
  • Easy tracking – just log into your DentalWriter software to see progress notes on your claims from our medical reimbursement specialists

Seamless submission – no need to fax paperwork back & forth – simply enter your patient’s insurance, demographic, and exam information into your DentalWriter software, and our reimbursement specialists will remote right into your DentalWriter to gather necessary information to submit your claims



The Only Medical Billing System developed by a practicing Dental Sleep Medicine Team

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A system so simple and so complete, your team will never need to learn any medical codes or even look at a medical insurance form.  For every case, we will deliver a financial arrangement that is ready to present, showing both you and your patient exactly what their minimized out of pocket payment is in advance

  • More than billing, a complete system for your team to maximize medical insurance reimbursement and increase Dental Sleep Medicine case acceptance.
  • We provide flowcharts and templates that are customized for your office.
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