Introducing SomnoMed Sleep Services

SomnoMed Sleep Services offers Diagnostic Testing to Fast-Track OSA Patient Diagnosis and Treatment.

Want to give your patients a treatment choice?
Get HSAT testing with Board-certified sleep specialist interpretation.

Fast, affordable, convenient HSAT testing

About SomnoMed Sleep Services

Until now, OSA patients and their healthcare providers, including Dental Sleep Medicine professionals, have had limited access to home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) services and treatment pathways that aren’t commercially biased toward one therapy…CPAP. This limits patients’ choice of the therapy option(s) that may be best suited to them to achieve the most effective treatment.

Conveniently located in SE Calgary and serving all of Alberta, SomnoMed Sleep Services now offers fast, affordable level 2 and 3 (HSAT) testing and is the first diagnostic center to also offer nasal function testing; a simple, non-invasive test to help determine the most appropriate OSA treatment option.

SomnoMed Sleep Services Form

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Why should I use SomnoMed Sleep Services

  • Fast, affordable & convenient HSAT testing

    Your patients will receive fast, affordable, convenient HSAT testing.

  • Board-certified sleep specialist interpretation

    Your patients will receive Board-certified sleep specialist interpretation service for the tests conducted.

  • Test results shared with you

    At SomnoMed Sleep Services test results are shared with the prescribing and treating healthcare practitioners. 

  • Registered Respiratory Therapist guidance for patients

    Patients will be fully educated by a sleep-experienced Registered Respiratory Therapist on treatment therapy options and guided to the most appropriate local treatment provider; a Dental Sleep Medicine provider for Oral Appliance Therapy, providers of CPAP therapy, or other appropriate treatment specialists.

  • Providing only diagnostic testing

    SomnoMed Sleep Services only provides diagnostic testing – we don't provide and sell CPAP or Oral Appliance Therapy. Our goal is 100% patient treatment success with a guiding principle of finding the right therapy for the right patient.

*While SomnoMed is the global leader in Oral Appliance Therapy, we wholeheartedly support and encourage the Right Therapy for the Right Patient…at the Right Time. To do this, patients and their sleep health providers need treatment pathways that enable patient choice. In fact, it’s now widely suggested that patient choice leads to greater OSA patient treatment compliance….and long-term success at controlling OSA symptoms.

Get in touch

Location: #111- 10325 Bonaventure Dr, SE Calgary, Alberta T2J 7E4
Phone: 1-800-339-4452 Fax: 587-443-0389

** Note: Currently SomnoMed Sleep Services is only available in Calgary, Alberta.

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