2 Dental Sleep Tips from AADSM

By July 13, 2015October 13th, 2017Dental Sleep Education
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SomnoMed at AADSM

dental-sleep-tipsIt was June 4, 2015 and the weather in Seattle, WA was picture perfect. What better place than the “Emerald City” for more than 1,200 dentists and exhibitors from around the country to gather to discuss the newest and best ways of managing patients with obstructive sleep apnea?

SomnoMed is a proud Platinum sponsor of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share with current and new customers our newest custom oral device innovations, the SomnoDent Herbst AdvanceTM and the SomnoDent FusionTM.

More importantly, during the three day meeting held at the Seattle Convention Center, we also learned that there were 2 dental sleep tips most sleep dental professionals were interested in learning more about 1) How to best build and develop a successful dental sleep medicine practice and 2) Understanding the differences between manufacturer’s products and services.  Fortunately, SomnoMed offers solutions to both of these pressing needs.

2 Dental Sleep Tips from AADSM

Dental Sleep Tip #1: Building a successful dental sleep practice: Building a successful anything certainly takes time, commitment and good partners! Dr. Srujal Shah of Sleep Better Northwest says, “long-term, reliable partners are hard to find. I feel that with SomnoMed, I share a common vision and work ethic.  They continue to work closely with me in growth through industry relationships, education, and practice development.” SomnoMed has developed a kit for dentists that is free of charge and covers topic areas such as: A “Top 5 Dental Sleep Marketing Practices for 2015” Webinar, a “How to Grow Your Dental Sleep Practice” Ebook, an interactive patient sleep screening tool, and a library of images and resources for Your Dental Sleep Practice.  Access the tools to help grow your practice here.


Dental Sleep Tip #2: Understanding the differences between manufacturer’s products and services.  Because SomnoMed offers a Standard and a Signature line of products, there is an oral device in our line of products that fits most sleep dentist’s needs. Of special note during the 24th annual AADSM meeting was the SomnoDent Herbst Advance, which features a visual calibration indicator, a longer range of calibration (8mm) and the comfort and quality dental providers have come to expect from SomnoMed. The first of its kind SomnoDent Fusion offers both quick and fine calibration adjustments with the unique removal wing design and features a range of calibration of 8.5mm – leading to fewer device resets.

The 24th annual AADSM Annual Meeting increased the acceptance of oral device therapy as an effective alternative for sleep apnea patients and increased attendees’ knowledge about these 2 dental sleep tips. SomnoMed continues to provide ways for dentists to increase their practice income and offer this service to attract new patients.

Interested in learning more about where Dental Sleep Education is going in the future and how to stay informed with these evolving changes in the industry? Click here to stay educated.


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