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Annual Reports

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ASX Announcements – Q3 2017 (January 2017 – August 2017)

SomnoMed (SOM) | BUY: RSS network shaping up nicely 28.08.2017 SomnoMed FY17 Investors Presentation 24.08.2017  SOM Preliminary Accounts FY17 24.08.2017  Investor Presentation FY 16/17 Half YeEar Review  Appendix 4D and Half-Year Financial Report December 2016 SOM Appendix 3B 1/3/17

ASX Announcements – Q2 2017 (October 2016 – December 2016)

Som Appendix 3B 19.12.16 Appendix 03YPN Dec 2016 TDM Substantial Shareholder Notice SOM – 08.12.2016 Somnomed Ltd [604 Change Filing Form] – 29.11.2016 AGM Results for ASX 2016 SomAppendix 3B 31.10.16 SomnoMed Appendix 4C Sept 2016 FINAL Sales growth accelerating as Northern half returns from Summer holidays – September 2016 Release SOM Wilsons October 2016 SomAppendix 3B7.10.16 SomnoMed Proxy 2016 Notice of AGM of SomnoMed 2016

ASX Announcements – Q1 2017 (July 2016 – September 2016)

Appendix 4G FDA 510k approval for SomnoDent® Alpha SomAppendix 3B1.9.16 TDM SSH 26.8.16 – Form 604, Notice of change of interests of substantial holder SomAppendix 3B 25.8.16 SOMApp3YPN 26.8.16 Form 605 Neustadt Shares 26.8.16 SomnoMed FY16 Presentation SOM Preliminary Accounts FY16 Q4 ASX June 2016 Quarter Final 603 Initial Form SomnoMed Ltd – July 2016 SOM Appendix 4C – Quarterly Report for Entities Admitted on the Basis of Commitments  Derek Smith appointed Global CEO of SomnoMed CEO appointed for new direct to patient business entity

ASX Announcements – Q4 2016 (April 2016 – June 2016)

Wilson HTM Equity Research – SOM – 1 June 2016 Appendix 03Y Change of Director’s Interest Notice June 2016 Appendix 03Y PN Change of Director’s Interest Notice June 2016 Appendix 03Y LA Change of Director’s Interest Notice June 2016 Results of Retail entitlement offer: 1 June 16 Shareholding Info 6.6.2016 Form 604- Notice of change of interests of substantial holder 6 June 2016 SomnoMed – Appendix 3B – 6 June 2016 SomnoMed – Appendix 3B – 13 May 2016 Announcement of Dispatch of Entitlement Offer – May 2016 SomnoMed – Results of Institutional Offer – FINAL May 2016 SomnoMed – Ineligible Shareholders Letter – May 2016 Announcement of Entitlement Offer – May 2016 Cleansing Notice – May 2016 SOM Investors Presentation FINAL May 2016 SOM Chair Letter May 2016 SOM- Appendix 3B – May 2016 SomnoMed – Ineligible Shareholders Letter – May 2016 SOM Appendix 3B – April 2016

ASX Announcements – Q3 2016 (January 2016 – March 2016)

SomnoMed HY Accounts at 31 December 2015 SOM Investor Presentation February 2016 SOMNOMED RECORDS 30% GROWTH IN DIRECT SALES REVENUES OF SOMNODENT® DEVICES IN 1ST HALF OF 2015/16 SOM Appendix 4C Becoming a substantial holder

ASX Announcements – Q2 2016 (October 2015 – December 2015)

SomnoMed Ltd. acquires Strong Dental in Leamington, Ontario, Canada SOM Appendix 3YLA SOM Appendix 3YPN SOM Appendix 3B SomnoMed exceeds 250,000 patients SomnoMed  Proxy 2015 Notice of AGM  of SomnoMed 2015 SOM Appendix 3B GROWTH ACCELERATION IN THE US LEADS TO NEW RECORD QUARTER

ASX Announcements – Q1 2016 (July 2015 – September 2015)

SOM Appendix 4C SomnoMed Appendix 4G September 2015 New Investor Form 603_090915 SomnoMed Appendix 3B_July 2015 SomnoMed Announcement – Strong Finish to Financial Year – July 2015

ASX Announcements – Q4 2015 (April 2015 – June 2015)

SomnoMed Appendix 4C June 2015 Quarter Notice of Ceasing to be a Substantial holder_July 2015 FDA 510(k) Clearance letter for SomnoDent with compliance recorder News Release:  SomnoMed receives FDA 510(k) approval for SomnoDent devices with wearable compliance micro-recording News Release:  SomnoMed now offering SomnoDent with compliance recorder powered by DentiTrac SomnoMed Update May 2015 Announcement: SOMNOMED TO ACQUIRE 100% OF SMH BIOMATERIAL AG  Appendix 3B

ASX Announcements – Q3 2015 (January 2015 – March 2015)

Continuous Growth of SomnoMed in Third Quarter Appendix 4C Quarterly (Q3) Ceasing to be a substantial shareholder Addition of SomnoMed to Australian All Ordinaries Index  Ceasing to be a substantial shareholder Appendix 3B New issue announcement Appendix 4D and Half-Year Financial Review Investor Presentation: Financial Year 2014-2015 Half Year Review SomnoMed Achieves Growth Targets Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement January 2015 Appendix 4C Quarterly

ASX Announcements – Q2 2015 (October 2014 – December 2014)

Form 604 TDM Asset Management December 2014 Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement December 2014 Appendix 3YRS December 2014 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice Appendix 3YLA – Change of Director’s Interest Notice Appendix 3YPN – Change of Director’s Interest Notice Appendix 3YRS – Change of Director’s Interest Notice Form 604 Belgove December 2014 Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement: application for quotation of additional securities and agreement Annual Meeting Minutes SOM Shareholder Change Form Form 604 SomnoMed Exceeds 200,000 Patients ASX Investor Presentation November 2014 SomnoMed Limited (SOM) Q1 Stock Analysis, Morgans CIMB SomnoMed Limited (SOM) Q1 Stock Analysis, Wilson HTM Notice of Annual General Meeting SomnoMed Limited Proxy Form Appendix 3B – New issue announcement,application for quotation of additional securities and agreement New Records in September Confirm Guidance (ASX:SOM) Appendix 4C – Quarterly report for entities admitted on the basis of commitments 

ASX Announcements – Q1 2015 (July 2014 – September 2014)

US Medicare reimbursement approval granted for SOMNODENT® Herbst Advance  Appendix 3B New issue announcement  SOM:ASX 2014 SHARE PURCHASE PLAN – CLOSES OVERSUBSCRIBED SomnoMed (“SOM”-ASX) Preliminary final report – 30 June 2014 SOM – Investor Presentation FY14 Appendix 3YLA – Change of Director’s Interest Notice Appendix 3Y – Change of Director’s Interest Notice  SOM – Change in Substantial Holding SomnoMed (“SOM”-ASX) Share Placement Update SomnoMed SOM 708A Cleansing SomnoMed Limited Appendix 3B – New Issue Announcement SomnoMed (SOM) Research SomnoMed ItalyEvery State in the United States of America, and most countries throughout the world have their own laws regulating the types of securities and other investment products which maybe offered to their residents, as well as the process for doing so. As a result, investment in some securities is not available to every interested investor. Accordingly, this information is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell Somnomed Limited shares in any jurisdiction where such would be prohibited. All investments involve different degrees of risk. In making any investment you should be aware of your risk tolerance level and financial situations at all times. Furthermore, you should seek professional investment advice before making any investment decisions. Somnomed Limited and/or its shareholders, directors, officers and/or employees make no investment recommendations in respect to any investment made in Somnomed Limited.