Braebon has been an established and proven source of high-quality sensors for years. The company is now the single-source provider of PSG sensors, accessories, snoring & apnea screeners, full PSG diagnostic systems, core management outcomes software, and therapeutic intraoral appliances. The DentiTrac™ is a miniature micro-recorder designed to measure patient treatment compliance using Braebon’s extensive world-leading experience in sensors and recorders.

SomnoMed is a distributor of  DentiTrac. In the US and Canada, SomnoMed has exclusive distribution rights for all dorsal fin type oral devices.  Outside of North America, SomnoMed has exclusive distribution rights for DentiTrac for all oral devices.

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The following dental laboratories are licensed to manufacture SomnoDent® devices:

Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories
Aurum Ceramic/Classic has built a proud tradition of excellence in supplying innovative and advanced orthodontic prostheses, splints and sleep apnea appliances, along with comprehensive aesthetic and implant dentistry, since 1971. They blend the expertise of our well-trained, experienced and creative technicians with the finest materials available to set the platinum standard in laboratory services and outstanding results, trained and licensed to sell the SomnoDent appliance since July 2012.

Dental Prosthetic Services (DPS)
Founded in 1972, DPS is a full-service lab with a rich history of state-of-the-art technology and a proud tradition in providing premium quality prosthetics and outstanding customer service, trained and licensed to sell the SomnoDent appliance since January 2008.

A full service laboratory for over 20 years, specializing in Orthodontics, TMD Splints, Cosmetic & Restorations along with Snoring and Sleep apnea appliances, trained and licensed to sell the SomnoDent appliance since July 2009.

T & S Laboratory
A San Diego based laboratory specializing in Functional Orthotics for TMD Splints, Sleep, Airway, and Ortho. Their team is at the forefront of Appliance Therapy for TMJ disorders, Sleep, Airway and Functional Therapy, trained and licensed to sell the SomnoDent appliance since May 2008.

Dental Services Group (DSG)
Dental Services Group is a North American Network of over 25 full-service dental laboratories. Every DSG laboratory is networked to take advantage of the best-in-class capabilities within the DSG Laboratory Network.  Referred to as their Centers of Excellence approach to ensure the best service, quality and value possible in the laboratory industry, trained and licensed to sell the SomnoDent appliance since January 2008.

Practice Consultants:

CEO For Dentists
Interested in increasing your OSA patient flow – but need help getting started?  CEO For Dentists provides dental sleep practices with coaching in practice marketing, successful billing of medical insurance, pricing of OSA treatment based on reimbursement, patient and schedule management, staff training and more. Our average dental client has increased their practice’s annual profit by over $200,000 and you can too. Please email us at [email protected] or call  Travis at 618-466-0733 to learn more.