How to Choose the Right Oral Appliance for Your Patient

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How to Choose the Right Oral Appliance for Your Patient

Everyone sleeps differently and struggles with unique health challenges. That’s why it’s not always possible to treat all forms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with the same form of oral appliance therapy (OAT). The same could be said for why CPAP works for certain individuals and not for others.

But for many, oral appliances are the ideal way to comfortably manage obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Thanks to a variety of different types of mandibular advancement devices, you can tailor your device selection to the unique needs and concerns of your specific patients.

Which One is Best?

From mild to moderate forms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), appliance selection is very important. To some, the choices may seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, with the right resources, sleep dentistry providers can identify the type of OAT that is most appropriate.

During your selection process, keep the following in mind:

  • An evidence based approach to managing sleep apnea. Select an oral appliance that is backed with proven clinical research.
  • Your patient’s comfort. CPAP intolerance is more common than most people think; a large, bulky, noisy machine can take the joy out of restful sleep. Various forms of OAT devices will feel different when being worn.
  • Patient compliance to non-traditional sleep management. How well will your patient follow the home care instructions of a customized oral device? Do they have what it takes to see the therapy into fruition?
  • Quality products that are cleared by the FDA, customized to individual patients, and durable for everyday long-term use. Don’t necessarily opt for whatever is the cheapest, because it might not last.

Not All Oral Sleep Appliances or Manufacturers are Created Equal

Fortunately, SomnoDent oral devices are known for their quality, FDA clearance, and proven track record. In fact, 15 independent studies demonstrate SomnoDent® oral device’s significant clinical benefits and  91% of patients reported improvement in sleep quality with SomnoDent.

Thanks to comprehensive online training courses, dentists who are interested in becoming SomnoDent oral appliance providers (regardless of the manufacturer that they choose,) can have the proper resources available to plan treatment, file medical insurance forms, and even select the best type of oral appliance for their patient. All of SomnoMed’s online CE and webinars are available free of charge at

Narrowing Down Your Options

Browse through the available SomnoDent line of devices to see what makes each one unique. From comfort to affordability, you can find the right type of COAT appliance for your individual patients. Between the Signature Line and Standard Line, you can apply your patient’s anatomical, personal, and financial concerns combined with your own principles to easily conclude which one is the best choice to use in your office.

Assisting your patient in narrowing the selection down to the best COAT appliance is the most effective way to begin the journey toward a better night’s sleep. For more information, create a complimentary SomAdvantage account for free online training and resources available to current and future sleep dentists.

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