Featured Practice: Dr. Steven C. Greenman

By June 27, 2017October 13th, 2017Dentists, Sleep Medicine, SomnoDent
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Featured Practice Series:  Dr. Steven C. Greenman

Before becoming the premier dentist in Westlake Village, Dr. Steven C. Greenman was a Los Angeles native who pursued his prestigious education locally. After his graduation from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1981, he established a private practice on the west side of Los Angeles and resides in Westlake Village with his wife Lenore and daughter Nicole. Since 2009, Dr. Greenman has refined his practice to include treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, and in 2015, Dr. Greenman became a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. With over three decades of experience as a dentist in the Conejo Valley, Dr. Greenman listens carefully to his patients and is committed to exceeding their expectations.

SomnoMed:  Dr. Greenman, what drew you to dental sleep medicine?

Dr. Greenman: I think the main reason I’m so passionate about dental sleep medicine is that as a child, I had airway issues, and because not much was known back in the early 60’s, I went through orthodontics with extractions twice. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I went to someone who understood the airway, which positively impacted my personal health. Then, one of my mentors suggested that I begin the journey into practicing dental sleep. This wasn’t an easy journey. I did quite a bit of training, and after a few years, I was able to develop solid best practices. Now 25% of our practice income is from dental sleep.

One of the nicest things about practicing dental sleep is that most of the procedural portion is delegated to team members. I’ve found that team members want to see the practice go well, and they’re open to learning about this field. If a dentist is having difficulty with their staff as it relates to adding dental sleep to their practice, they should study leadership, invest in training on dental sleep, and train their team properly. I dedicate at least an hour a week and a day once a month for training my staff.

SomnoMed:  What do you think are the top three reasons patients choose your practice?

Dr. Greenman: Patients choose my practice because they realize when they call that we’re different from most dental practices. We answer cheerfully and take time to listen and develop relationships with the patients.  Most dentists know that the most valuable patient for the practice is the new patient. New patients are the ones who buy the most services, so their first interaction with your practice is key. Answering the phone correctly can be the most important part. The team member who takes the call needs to provide that patient with their undivided attention, and they should also practice their phone skills and customer etiquette.

Recently, I was watching a documentary about Michael Jordan, and when several of his former teammates were being interviewed, they mentioned that the hardest games they ever played were in practice. There’s absolutely no substitute for practice.

SomnoMed: When did you first hear about SomnoMed?

Dr. Greenman:  I first heard about SomnoMed around 2010. An influential practitioner in Southern California was utilizing SomnoDent and liked it very much. He didn’t have issues with fit, and I started to use them, and liked them. We developed a relationship with our local rep and now, SomnoDent is one of our go-to appliances. We use the SomnoDent Flex and we like the Herbst Advance for the millimeter gauge on the side, and utilize that for our Medicare patients. The quality of the lab work is unsurpassed.

SomnoMed: What are some best practices you can share with other dentists?

Dr. Greenman: Becoming a diplomate in the ABDSM was influential to the success of my practice, and my goal is to have facility accreditation by AADSM by the end of the first quarter of 2018. These are the types of things that practices need to focus on to differentiate themselves, because patients who are referred by dentists may check us out on the internet and they see those credentials.

We also market to those patients who are CPAP intolerant, and are looking for a different solution. Our dedicated website for dental sleep is very popular, so that works too. Online, you’ve got to have a clean, clear message that customers can easily understand in order to convert them.

Lastly, I would recommend that those getting started begin with patients who are having difficulty with CPAP. Dentists need to get the word out about oral devices, because we know what the compliance rate is for CPAP – and it’s not very good. To help new practices, I train dentists via live webinars, and help them set up their practices with comprehensive dental sleep programs.  The practices we’ve worked with have found this to be very helpful, and attribute much of their success to this kind of proper training.


Visit Dr. Greenman online at: https://www.drgreenman.com/

If you would like to add dental sleep to your practice, join SomAdvantage for access to exclusive free training and resources for building your sleep practice successfully.

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