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By March 2, 2015October 13th, 2017Dental Sleep Management, Dentists
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Much like SomnoMed, sleep dentists who have woken to the power of social media also realize that it is not just a tool for building relationships, but it’s a good tool for business as well. As discussed during our webinar, Top 5 Dental Sleep Marketing Strategies for 2015, social media allows dental/sleep practices to attract new opportunities, build customer loyalty, improve efficacy, and, most importantly, save money. In fact, compared to traditional marketing (print, radio, etc.) social marketing costs 62% less.

Recently we have fielded a few questions in regards to using facebook as a tool for marketing dental sleep practices. While earned media is 88% more trustworthy than traditional media, there is a science in reaching your target audiences with your facebook business page. Marketers are talking/complaining that the new newsfeed changes are having big impacts on organic reach of posts. Facebook has implemented these changes because when a user logs into their accounts they can be shown an average of 1,500 posts while they are on their newsfeed. Facebook then has to pick the best content to show their users (while also appeasing advertisers).

The Algorithm. This is probably not the first time you have heard this phrase in relation to facebook; and, to put it simply, algorithms determine what to show in your newsfeed. In the past year you may have noticed a few changes with your reach on facebook in regards to your personal and business pages.

Why? The algorithm means that the “good stuff” will be seen by more and the “boring stuff” will be seen by few or none. Take for example any news network you may have liked on facebook. You are going to see more from Huffington Post or ABC News, the social publishers, more so than you will from and old pal from college or other brand pages like SomnoMed or Oreo. When people engage (like, share, comment, etc) on a post, facebook’s algorithm realizes that the post being interacted with is content you want to see and will post more of it in your newsfeed. Not to say that your college friends’ posts uninteresting or that Oreo does not have a winning post – but, those news networks share 20 to 1 more stories and content than your old college buddy or your favorite cookie.

Unfortunately, it’s more and more difficult these days to get fans to see your posts — especially if you’re a small business owner with limited resources. However, there are ways to survive the Facebook newsfeed algorithm all while getting more fans to see your posts. The upside is that facebook’s recent changes are about giving users content they want to see – but it is also changing HOW your dental sleep practices content is delivered. You have to think of your page as a cornerstone of your practices online identity, not simply as a publishing service.

stacypinkertonStacy Pinkerton joined SomnoMed in July 2014 as the Digital Marketing Manager and is responsible for providing digital brand experiences for SomnoMed North America via social, web, content, SEO, and various other platforms. Stacy has accumulated nearly 10 years as a marketing leader within regional, national and global business-to-business and business-to-consumer facing brands delivering large, multifaceted (web, social, content, paid, events, etc) digitally-driven campaigns. Stacy holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma.

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