Dental Sleep Medicine – AASM Updated Guidelines

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Updated AASM Guidelines
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As many have heard by now, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) updated their guidelines for oral devices in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea1 (OSA).  Many felt this was long overdue as the guidelines were initially published in 20062.  Since that time, a considerable amount of research has been done proving the efficacy and safety of Continuous Open Airway Therapy, (COAT).

The AASM and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) created a seven-member task force tasked with reviewing the literature regarding the use of oral devices for treating sleep apnea.  Based on their findings, the task force developed recommendations based on the quality of evidence they found counterbalanced by the relative benefit of treatment versus the potential harms.  The Board of Directors for the AASM and AADSM were the final approving committee of the below recommendations.

Dental Sleep Medicine – AASM Updated Guidelines

  1. It is recommended that sleep physicians prescribe COAT rather than no therapy for adult patients who request treatment of primary snoring
  2. When COAT is prescribed by a sleep physician for an adult patient with OSA, it is strongly suggested that a qualified dentist us a custom, titratable oral device over non-custom oral devices.
  3. It is recommended that sleep physicians consider prescription of an oral device, rather than no treatment, for adult patients with OSA who are intolerant of CPAP therapy or prefer alternate therapy.
  4. It is suggested that qualified dentists provide oversight rather than no follow-up of COAT in adult patients with OSA to survey for dental-related side effects or occlusal changes and reduce their incidence.
  5.  It is suggested that sleep physicians conduct follow-up sleep testing to improve or confirm treatment efficacy, rather than conduct follow-up without sleep testing, for patients fitted with an oral device.
  6.  It is suggested that sleep physicians and qualified dentists instruct adult patients treated with COAT for OSA to return for periodic office visits as opposed to no follow-up with a qualified dentist and sleep physician.

SomnoMed has a strong history of supporting both the AASM and AADSM in their treatment guidelines.  Our world class devices are custom designed with your patients comfort at the top of mind as we strongly believe that comfort equals compliance.  We are also helping to increase the collaboration between dentists and physicians, which will improve the sleep health of patients suffering from OSA.

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