3 Dental Sleep Medicine Education Goals

By December 4, 2014October 13th, 2017Dental Sleep Education, Dentists
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Every dentist should have at least three dental sleep medicine education goals.  Do you?  If not, make sure you implement the ideas we’ve collected over the years from some of our most successful SomnoMed Preferred Dentists!  It’s easy to reach your goals when you have a plan.  Well, we’ve done the work for you by sitting down with Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia, SomnoMed’s Chief Medical Officer to give you a quick list.

Dental Sleep Medicine Education Goal #1:  Obtain continuing credits – for myself and my staff!SomnoMed-Academy-Slider

The goal of the SomnoMed Foundations in Dental Sleep Medicine education program is to provide dental sleep medicine protocols for general dentists and their staff.  This web-based course offers an introductory CE plus and additional 6 credits of CEs for free.  By the end of this course – your entire office will understand the anatomy and physiology of the airway, the spectrum of sleep disorders and sleep disordered breathing, how to integrate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment into your practice, establishing a referral source for your patients in need of a sleep study, treatment options for sleep apnea patients, and medical billing options and solutions.

After completing our Level 1 course – join us in a city near you for our Principles in Dental Sleep Medicine course designed for dentists wishing to further their knowledge and understanding in treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This unique multi-disciplinary program will expand your knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of OSA, better communicate with your referring physicians, understand appropriate patient selection, and market your sleep medicine dental practice.

Dental Sleep Medicine Education Goal #2:  Incorporate obstructive sleep apnea screening for all of my patients!

Just as patients do not walk into a dental practice with a ”cavity” sign over their heads, it is impossible to determine if a patient is at risk for OSA without screening them properly. The SomnoMed Sleep Apnea Screening tool  is a simple survey to help determine if diagnostic screening for the patient is required.  With 90% of OSA patients undiagnosed, the average dental practice may have 20% of their patients who have undiagnosed OSA and these patients are at higher risk for drug-resistant hypertension, congestive heart failure and Type II Diabetes to name a few.

Dental Sleep Medicine Education Goal #3:  Seamlessly integrate the treatment of OSA patients into my practice!

Making it easy for patients is the name of the game.

  • Include the sleep apnea screening tool with current insurance, HIPAA, or health history forms during office visits for all of your patients 18 and older
  • Identify a dental sleep champion in your office who completes the screening tool and even gives it to members of their family
  • Have a personal SomnoDent device made for yourself and your office champion so you can tell patients about the comfort and quality of the device you may make for them
  • Educate yourself and staff on how to bill a patient’s medical insurance for their oral device; there will be a higher likelihood of patient acceptance if you do

When your office achieves its 3 dental sleep medicine education goals for 2015  – patients can be identified, diagnosed and on their way to successful treatment and your office can develop a new stream of income for your practice.  Learn more about how SomnoMed Academy Dental Sleep Education seminars can benefit you, your staff, and your practice when treating patients with OSA by clicking here

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