The SomGauge

SomGauge is an autoclavable instrument which can be used to construct accurate and reliable bite records. It is suitable for all custom-made SomnoDent appliances. SomGauge should only be used by dental professionals.

SomnoMeds’ new SomGauge gives you more of what you need to quickly and easily capture the most accurate impression. The SomGauge is the first gauge of its kind to allow for an increased measurement of the vertical along with an adjustable ramp, lending to amplified impression accuracy and device integrity.


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SomGauge Features

More Vertical: At least 3mm of acrylic coverage across the whole bite, leads to a stronger device less prone to fracture

More Flexible Adjustment: Adjustable ramp ensures even contact on anterior and posterior surfaces which will reduce chair time

More Ease of Use: Ergonomic and hefty handle with clear protrusion indicators can be autoclaved for cleaning

More for Your Money: 1 SomGauge handle and 2 small and 2 large bite forks. Two bite fork sizes allow for full coverage of patient spectrum and provide adequate space to accomodate Distal Wraps if required.

WATCH: SomGauge Demonstration

Ideal Starting Position.

The ideal starting position for a protrusive bite record will be comfortable and as protrusive as possible, to ensure efficacy and effectiveness of your patient’s new SomnoDent Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS).

For most patients, 2/3 of centric to full protrusion is suitable for a starting position. The SomGauge will allow you and your patient to find this starting point with ease and accuracy.

Once a starting position is obtained, ask the patient to hold in that position for 2-3 minutes and seek feedback on comfort. Adjust if necessary.

Protrusive Bite Record