SomnoDent® ALPHA

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A new transitional mandible repositioning anti-snoring orthosis device from SomnoMed® designed to help patients begin sleeping better immediately.

  • Only 15 minutes to fit a patient by a trained practitioner.
  • Reheatable trays create exact fit.
  • Fully adjustable, flexible design.
  • 1mm calibration with a 20mm range.
  • Comfortable to patients.
  • Reimbursed by medical insurance.

Use safely up to 90 days to evaluate patients’ clinical response to mandibular advancement.

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SomnoDent Alpha FAQs

How Does SomnoDent Alpha Work?

The SomnoDent Alpha is an intraoral device intended for the treatment of nighttime snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea in patients 18 years of age or older. The appliance functions as a mandibular repositioner, which acts to increase the patient’s pharyngeal space during sleep. The increase in the patient’s pharyngeal space improves their ability to exchange air during sleep.

The appliance consists of two generic splints which fits over the upper and lower teeth and the lower splint is held in a protrusive position by an advancement mechanism. The device advances the mandible in the sagittal plane to increase the patient’s pharyngeal space during sleep and reduce the apnoeic symptoms.

The appliance is supplied in a standard shape and is heated and fitted by the dentist or physican such that the lining material continuously engages the undercut along the entire arch on both labial and lingual sides. The lining has shape memory, so if a mistake is made in fitting, it is simply reheated to return to its original shape ready to be refitted.

Is SomnoDent Alpha covered by insurance?

Unable to advise coverage for transitional devices by medical insurance. It does not meet Medicare PDAC requirement.

What is SomnoDent Alpha’s Guarantee?

SomnoDent Alpha is a transitional device designed to be used for no longer than 3 months, after which the patient should be fitted for a custom-made SomnoDent oral device.

Does SomnoDent Alpha Require a Prescription?

SomnoDent Alpha can only be dispensed by a licensed health care professional (physician or dentist).

Preparation and Adjustment

Is SomnoDent Alpha Easy to Fit?

There are just 4 simple steps to achieve a great fit with SomnoDent Alpha. To ensure the fit is accurate, SomnoMed recommends fitting by a health care professional.

How does the adjustment work?

The appliance has an adjustable coupling mechanism enabling the amount of mandibular advancement to be titrated. The SomnoDent Alpha utilises the interaction of a wing and a lug, both affixed to rails on the sides of the respective splints. The coupling of the wing/lug to the rail uses a clip-lock technology to prevent retrusion motion and allows the user to adjust the advancement with protrusion motion.

The wings and lugs are adjustable in 1.0mm steps. The wing or Lug is pushed along the rail in direction of the arrow and operator will hear a distinct “click” as it moves each 1.0mm.

How Long Does it Take to adjust to SomnoDent Alpha?

A few seconds to adjust each component. If the device is titrated too far forward, simply move the wing/lug off the rail and reattach on the end and move to desired position.

Typically the wings and Lugs should be advanced alternatively i.e. L+R Wings titrated 1.0mm initially, then next 1mm by advancing L+R Lugs 1.0mm.

Can Patients Breathe Through Mouth while Wearing SomnoDent Alpha?

Yes. SomnoDent Alpha splints are not locked together.

How Often Should SomnoDent Alpha be Replaced?

3 months. SomnoDent Alpha has a lifetime of 3 months. If the patient’s OSA is being treated appropriately with SomnoDent Alpha, SomnoMed recommends moving to a permanent SomnoDent device.

Factors & Considerations

Can patients wear SomnoDent Alpha with a bridge or dentures?

If the bridge or denture is permanent, you may use it with SomnoDent Alpha. If it is removable, SomnoDent Alpha is not recommended.

Can SomnoDent Alpha be used in patients with dental implants?

Yes, so long as the implants are permanent.

Can patients wear SomnoDent Alpha with braces or retainers?

No, SomnoDent Alpha is not recommended for use with braces or retainers.

Does SomnoDent Alpha Cause TMJ?

All Mandibular advancement splints have a small risk of developing Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Syndrome. Treatment should be monitored by a dentist to prevent or address any TMJ issues.


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