SomnoDent Edentulous for Sleep Apnea Management and Denture Patients

SomnoDent oral devices can effectively be modified to meet the needs of most patients. It is not limited to the amount of remaining dentition; undercuts, crown, bridge work, laterally tipped dentition, or even partially edentulous arches are easily fitted.

The SomnoDent Edentulous splint is made of Acrylic or B Flex, covering the full maxillary palate and retained by posterior palatal seal.   It occludes with a lower splint using a two piece coupling mechanism. This way a full range of motion is preserved without jeopardizing the retention of the upper splint with a downward pull. A minimum of 4 or 5 healthy teeth (or implants) in the lower arch are necessary.

The Fabrication Process

Being that your patient is most likely wearing a set of removable dentures during the daytime, you’ll need to fit their mandibular advancement device to their edentulous arches. This is going to fall into one of the following three categories, all of which resemble the denture fabrication process.

1. Completely Edentulous Patients 

First, take a series of functional impressions using custom trays that are available through your local dental lab. Have your lab technician perform Bite Rim fabrication so that you can precisely establish both the vertical dimension and centric. Then, use the SOMGauge* to determine the proper protrusive bite record, that way the final oral sleep appliance will fit snuggly even without teeth to secure it in place.

An alternative to this process is to create a silicone duplicate of their existing removable prosthesis, but only if their denture has an optimal fit. Then the duplicate model is sent over to the lab for fabrication of the bite rims. In every case, the bite rims should mimic the exact dimensions of any existing prosthesis.

2. An Edentulous Lower Arch

Individuals with an edentulous mandibular arch can still respond positively to a Herbst appliance. In this situation, a SOMGauge is used to record the protrusive record. Otherwise it is like the completely edentulous fabrication process.

3. An Edentulous Upper Arch

The process will nearly mimic the one used for completely edentulous patients. The only difference worth noting is that a Flex or Fusion mandibular advancement device is recommended in lieu of a Herbst design.

Edentulous Patient and Clinical Steps 

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Using Implants for Sleep Appliance Security

As with dentures, there may be a level of concern when it comes to the comfort or stability of fitting an oral sleep appliance to an edentulous patient. Many providers are choosing to utilize dental implants to facilitate stability for such reasons. Preferably, your patient will already have two implants in the lower arch for mandibular prosthesis support.

Once you receive the custom sleep appliance, it is easy to adjust it so that it fits over the locator housings. First reshape the inside of the appliance so that it can be set over the locators, and then add vent holes adjacent to the housing openings. Line the openings with a bonding agent and fill it with a denture repair material, such as ERA PickUp. This allows you to securely fix the housings into the oral sleep appliance.

Finding the Right Sleep Device for Your Edentulous Patients

SomnoDent oral devices can effectively be modified to meet the needs of most patients. All SomnoDent appliances are FDA cleared, backed by more than 16 different clinical studies, and generally last for three to five years. The proprietary materials and quality standards come with a one to three year warranty. There are no other dorsal fin oral devices in the United States that can offer compliance recording technology or comparable extended warranties.

SomnoMed believes that a device has a better chance of “fit first time” success if it is not fabricated over the top of a removable full, or partial denture. Edentulous and/or partially edentulous upper and lower arches achieve better quality of fit, and greater retention when fabricated to the natural teeth and arch form.

For more information on customization of edentulous mandibular advancement devices and hinge-free oral appliances, contact us. Additionally, we recommend reviewing the Edentulous Patient and Clinical Steps.

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