SomnoMed recognized an opportunity to grow by adding the SUADoral device to the Signature Line of products, in doing so, Strong Dental’s SUAD Elite became the SomnoDent SUAD and SUAD Ultra Elite became the SomnoDent SUAD Ultra. The acquisition of Strong Dental allowed the company to establish a presence in Canada to provide better service to Canadian customers.

SomnoDent SUAD™

The Somnodent SUAD, formerly the SUAD Elite, features a casted frame that traces the arches, creating strength.  The modified Herbst design allows for lateral movement and easy titration.

  • Mesh component added to the labial surface – complete arch is totally encapsulated by casted substructure to ensure that the dentition will not move.
  • Non-restrictive in movement, allowing patient to fully open and close their mouth, drink water, speak clearly, yawn, and take medication while wearing their appliance
  • Unlimited protrusive advancement, does not have fins that limit lateral movement and does not lock the upper and lower jaw together
  • FDA 510(k) cleared, Class II Medical Devices supported by years of medical research, 3 year warranty
  • E0486 Medicare approved

SomnoDent SUAD Ultra™

The SomnoDent SUAD Ultra, formerly the SUAD Ultra Elite, offers the patient increased tongue space, with a unique anterior design.  It has the same beneficial casted frame, creating strength.

  • Incorporates a thin lingual apron for support & contours the posterior lingual flanges, greatly increasing tongue space
  • Completely encapsulated by the casted substructure, ensuring that the dentition will not move
  • FDA 510(k) cleared, Class II Medical Devices supported by years of medical research; 3 year warranty

SUAD Product Changes & Documents

With the addition of SomnoDent SUAD to the SomnoDent family of devices, we’ve made some changes to SUAD product options:

  • The SUAD Elite device is now the SomnoDent SUAD
  • The SUAD Ultra Elite is now the SomnoDent SUAD Ultra
  • These – including the Morning Repositioner – are the only SUAD devices that SomnoMed will be offering

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SomnoDent SUAD™

SomnoDent SUAD™ Ultra

SomnoDent SUAD & Strong Dental FAQs

Strong Dental is now SomnoMed Canada. SomnoMed recognized an opportunity to grow by adding the SUAD oral device to our Signature Line of products.  In addition, the acquisition of Strong Dental allowed the company to establish a presence in Canada to provide better service to Canadian customers. Click here to read the SomnoMed Canada Inc. acquisition of Strong Dental.

What is the impact on the price of SUAD for current SUAD customers?

Any changes will be communicated to current SomnoMed and Strong Dental customers prior to their effective date. For up-to-date information on case pricing contact us

Is compliance recording available in the SUAD or SUAD Ultra?

Yes, CR is available for Canadian orders only.  US cases will require FDA clearance of the SUAD device with CR, and are not available at this time.

Is it possible to order a SomnoDent with the SUAD framework?

Not at this time.

Will SomnoMed also offer the Morning Repositioner?

Yes. You can now add The Morning Repositioner to your case order – click here to view more info.

Let us partner with you for improved patient choice

SomnoMed® continues to advance treatment options in COAT™ (Continuous Open Airway Therapy) with the addition of the SUAD and SUAD Ultra. SomnoMed is more than a device company, we’re your partner for the better patient care and compliance. Contact us today to speak with a SomnoDent advisor or for more information.

Have questions? Contact us or call 1-888-447-6673 (USA) or or 1-800-339-4452 (CANADA).