A Bite Deprogrammer is Not an Option…It’s a Necessity

morning repostitioner somnomed (1)The Morning Repositioner is a hands-free bite deprogrammer designed to help return the patient’s mandible back to its pre-treatment centric position. 

The unique design of the Morning Repositioner incorporates raised blocks of compressible material, strategically placed directly above bicuspids; thereby, directing all clenching forces straight down towards the root rather than laterally or forward onto anterior teeth. When in contact with the upper dentition, the only point of contact should be on these raised blocks.

  • When used correctly, the patient should benefit from an isometric exercise of the musculature. This isometric exercise is intended to activate the masseter muscles and relax the lateral pterygoid muscles. This is done in hopes of minimizing the possibility of mandibular posturing forward.
  • The whole over-layer of the device is made out of a laminated material developed specifically for night splints thereby giving greater wearability.
  • SomnoMed firmly believes the best remedy for mandibular shifting is through prevention. In order to fabricate the Morning Repositioner upper and lower models as well as a completed SomnoDent order is required. 

Patient instructions on how to properly perform these clenching exercises are supplied with every case.
Patients are instructed to place the “Morning Repositioner” on their lower dentition and keep it in place for approximately 10 minutes, while going about their morning routine. It is recommended that the patient do a series of clenches on the raised blocks; concentrating on keeping their mandible as retruded as possible. This retrusion can be achieved by asking the patient to try to make the blocks on the “Morning Repositioner” touch their upper second molars. Patients are instructed to clench or chew up and down as often as possible and hold for as long as is comfortable.

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