Web-Based Learning for Dentists

By June 20, 2017October 20th, 2017Dental Sleep Education, Dentists
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Web-Based Learning for Dentists

Staying up to date on your dental continuing education (CE) can be time consuming…especially when your state dictates the number of hours required and specific care areas are addressed by your CE course. If you know where to search, you can find high quality, streaming courses delivered straight to your own home or office.

Sleep dentistry is no different. To practice as a sleep dentist, you must specify which continuing education classes are taken just on this one subject alone. Fortunately, you can receive free dental CE online and on demand through SomnoMed’s ongoing webinar series. Dentists and their staff will receive instant access to online courses and live webinars that immerse dentists and their staff in a wealth of dental sleep medicine knowledge.

What Courses are Available?

In addition to learning how to basic medical insurance information for oral appliance therapy (OAT) procedures, dentists and their staff can also access classes on more detailed sleep dentistry services. You do not necessarily have to be a dentist to take these courses, but they are useful if you are considering adding OAT to your practice or expanding your knowledge of sleep apnea treatments.

SomnoMed offers multiple self-study courses on topics like diagnosis, conducting sleep studies, and how to screen patients in your practice. Or if you’re already implementing sleep dentistry, you can learn more about proper case processing, follow up care, and transformation of your general practice to a dental sleep office.

From time to time, live webinars cover a variety of different topics that impact sleep dentists, their patients, and your practice. The seven free dental continuing education courses are available for your convenience, and you do not have to be an approved SomnoDent provider to access the courses.

Get Your Free Dental CEs Today

Instead of taking the same online self-study CEs year after year, consider accessing our free dental CE courses at somnomed.com/education. As you and your team train together, you’ll be able to efficiently and effectively offer a wider range of services to your patients.

From consultations and screenings to implementing in-office take home sleep studies, there’s not a single step that our courses leave out. SomnoMed is one of the nation’s leading OAT providers, with the resources available to ensure the very best in patient care and practitioner education. If you’re considering OAT for your patients or just want to learn more about the process that’s involved, register for your complimentary account and free dental CE today at somnomed.com/education.


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