How to Initiate the Sleep Apnea Conversation With Your Doctor

By March 6, 2015October 13th, 2017Living With Sleep Apnea, SomnoDent
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So your spouse or loved one has been asking you to get checked by your doctor for your snoring.  It’s loud, and they may have even said that it scares them when you stop breathing for moments throughout the night.  Snoring is a little embarrassing to discuss with your doctor, but you know you’ve got to take action – and soon.  Understanding how to initiate the sleep apnea conversation with your doctor will get you started towards the ultimate goal of finding a solution.

We applaud you!  Taking action on resolving your sleep apnea will benefit your health in many ways, from reducing your chances for obesity, hypertension, diabetes and coronary artery disease, to assisting in restoring your sleeping routine with your spouse.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled this list of questions for how to initiate the sleep apnea conversation with your doctor:

Question 1:  Do I need a sleep study or any other tests?

Sleep studies can be done in a sleep lab where technicians monitor your sleep overnight, or though home sleep testing (HST), where you’re equipped with a device to wear at home while you’re asleep that you then return to your doctor for a reading.  Once your doctor conducts a full exam, he can determine what test would work best for you.

Question 2:  What do my results mean?

Your doctor will be best at explaining what it really means when you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, and the effects of oxygen deprivation on your body.  Understanding this can help you understand the seriousness of properly treating your condition – and treating it consistently, which is key.

Question 3:  What are my treatment options?

CPAP machines are frequently prescribed for moderate to severe sleep apnea, and oral devices – like SomnoDent – effectively treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.  However, oral devices including SomnoDent are indicated for use in patients who fail CPAP therapy.  Over 9 out of 10 of SomnoDent patients report regular use of their device, because of its comfort and ease of use. Surgery can also be an option, but the results may not always be permanent.

Asking these questions can help you better understand your treatment options, as well as prepare for the journey towards the best solution for you.

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