Introducing Our Transitional Oral Appliance – SomnoDent® ALPHA

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The SomnoDent® ALPHA is a new transitional oral appliance, designed by SomnoMed® to help patients sleep better immediately. The all new temporary oral appliance can be introduced and delivered during a routine exam before your patient receives a custom-made SomnoDent oral appliance for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Temporary oral appliances, also sometimes referred to as “transitional appliances,” “interim appliances,” or “trial appliances,”  are mandibular advancement devices that position the mandible forward to prevent collapsing of the airway, thus preventing obstructions in the airway.

Advantages of Transitional Oral Appliance in Treatment Plan

Within 15 minutes a trained healthcare professional can fit the SomnoDent ALPHA during a routine exam. On top of efficient practice workflow, the 90 Day trial appliance allows patients to begin treatment the same day and start sleeping better that night.

Additionally, the use of temporary oral devices can help determine if oral appliance therapy (OAT) will be of any benefit to the patient. That is, if the SomnoDent ALPHA transitional oral appliance shows benefit, a custom SomnoDent device would then be ordered. However, if the patient does not report benefit, then the ALPHA served as an efficient and cost-effective way to ascertain that OAT will not be efficacious with the given patient.

Lastly, the ALPHA temporary oral appliance provides an interim solution during the period of time that a lost, broken or damaged device is repaired, replaced or cleaned.

Transitional Oral Appliance – Meet SomnoDent® ALPHA transitional oral appliance somnodent alpha

  • reimbursable by medical insurance (E0485)
  • fully adjustable, including reheatable trays for exact fit
  • flexible design – 1mm calibration with a 20mm range
  • not intended for use for more than 90 days
  • low cost (click here to view pricing/order)
  • comfortable for patients; based on the leading oral devices manufacturer – SomnoDent 

Furthering our mission to provide the highest quality products and services for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea  (OSA) – we believe that the addition of a transitional oral appliance, ALPHA, to the SomnoDent family of clinically proven oral devices further ensures successful sleep solutions and outcomes for SomnoDent patients. To learn more or to order a SomnoDent ALPHA, visit

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