Narval Discontinued in North America: SomnoDent is the Oral Device of Choice

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Since 2004, SomnoMed has been a reliable partner; offering consistent, high-quality oral devices that are comfortable for patients, and provide a great fit. As ResMed is no longer accepting Narval orders as of June 2018, SomnoMed continues to offer several excellent alternatives to Narval, including SomnoDent Fusion and SomnoDent Herbst Advance.

Narval Discontinued in North America

Over the past year, we have focused on quality improvements; and have steadily increased our customer service ratings by providing a high level of care. We also partner with over 2,000 Sleep Physicians in our database to drive sleep patient referrals to our Preferred Dental Network. Over 400,000 patients have been treated with a SomnoDent device with outstanding clinical efficacy & superior retention.

Click here for our portfolio of SomnoDent products, which you can view to select the device that works best for your patients. Shift your Narval product orders to SomnoMed, and contact our Customer Relationship Team about pricing discounts and other product promotions at 888.447.6673, option 4. You may also email our team at

We appreciate your business and trust that you and your patients will continue to benefit from our partnership.

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