Why you need Dental Sleep Medicine Education

By July 21, 2015October 13th, 2017Dental Sleep Education
dental sleep seminar education
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It is estimated that 1 in 5 patients walking into your practice has Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)1. This disease is linked to a wide variety of other health issues including congestive heart failure2, hypertension3, and a higher stroke risk4. There is also a 15-fold increase of patients with moderate to severe OSA of being involved in a traffic accident5, You can be involved in treating OSA and its debilitating effects by actively screening your dental patients and building relationships with local sleep physicians for diagnosis of the disease and referrals to your practice when an oral device is prescribed.

Web-based Learning: Free Dental Sleep Seminars

One of the first steps you and your staff can do to become involved in Dental Sleep Medicine is education.   If you have never received any formal training in patient screening and treatment options, the SomnoMed Academy free, on demand courses at somnomed.com/education would be the best place to start. This is a seven session course which goes over the Principles of Dental Sleep Medicine, patient examination, screening options as well as how to start treating OSA patients in your practice. As part of this course, you will also receive 7 CE’s which can be used towards your state requirements.

Event-based Learning: 2017 Dental Sleep Seminars

If you have already taken an introductory course or are already actively treating OSA patients in your practice, SomnoMed has partnered with Sleep Group Solutions to offer several live, hands on Dental Sleep Seminars with nationally recognized dental sleep professionals presenting their working knowledge on how to establish and/or grow a dental sleep practice and workflow.

Save Now on 2017 Dental Sleep Seminars

The seminars are offered throughout the year at a variety of locations throughout North America in places like Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, and Seattle. As an exclusive offer, by  entering promo code somnomed200 during seminar registration you and your staff can save $200 off registration for SomnoMed and Sleep Group Solution partnered events:

Dates City
9/8-9/9 Chicago, IL
9/8-9/9 Houston, TX
9/22-9/23 Seattle, WA
10/27-10/28 Atlanta, GA
11/3-11/4 Philadelphia, PA
11/10-11/11 Phoenix, AZ
11/17-11/18 Toronto, Canada
12/1-12/2 New York NY
12/8-12/9 Dallas, TX
12/15-12/16 Portland, OR

Visit somnomed.com/events to find a seminar near you.

The diagnosis and treatment of your patients is key. Gaining a better understanding of the connection between snoring and OSA and how to appropriately screen, work with a physician for diagnosis and a successful treatment outcome can provide a wonderful growth opportunity for your practice. To learn more about SomnoMed’s Dental Education program, click here.

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