You are not alone in your treatment journey. More than 600,000 patients around the world have treated their mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), snoring, and/or sleep bruxism with SomnoDent therapy. Here are SomnoDent reviews, patient stories, and experiences.

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somnodent reviews

Happy Camper: Derek's Story

”Before I found my sleep dentist I was sleeping with my CPAP device. This posed several problems for me. Most are the obvious: wearing the CPAP mask, trying to sleep with a hose attached to your face, having to travel with it, and then my allergy issues became more severe. Maintenance is a pain as well. [My SomnoDent] device has allowed me to enjoy life a bit more without the hassle of a CPAP. And, there is the added benefit of not having to make sure I have a source of power available. Which means, I can go camping again! I would recommend the SomnoDent device to anyone with obstructive sleep apnea. It is life changing.” 
– Derek, ”The Happy Camper”/SomnoDent Patient

somnodent reviews

Fight is Over: Izy's Story

For years I fought with my CPAP, I literally tried 15 masks and I will never ever go back to CPAP after discovering SomnoDent. I love it and so does my family because they can finally sleep in peace.

I can carry it, no more lugging around that extra CPAP baggage, I just throw my SomnoDent device and case in my backpack and keep going. I truly am a big fan and if I can encourage others to switch to SomnoMed, I know for a fact their quality of life would improve tremendously. Here’s another thing, I had a problem with grinding my teeth at night, not anymore!
– Izy, MSG, US Army, Retired

Although a bit reticent at first in the use of this tool, once I began using it and finding out how good a night’s sleep I could have after so many years of bad nights and untold other alternatives which always proved useless, I am now happy to let you know that thanks to SomnoMed I am able to sleep very well and also that my wife can now enjoy a good night’s sleep without my racket at night. – Boris, Ventura, FL

After being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, my doctor prescribed CPAP. It was extremely uncomfortable to me and despite many weeks of trying, I could not tolerate it. From day one of receiving my oral device I began sleeping normally again. SomnoMed has changed my life and cured my sleep problems. I am very thankful and highly recommend it. 
– Jennifer, Raleigh, NC

I’ve had a long and stressful professional career. And, with a household to manage, motherhood, night school for advanced degrees, and two jobs – good sleep seemed an unattainable goal. When I did get sleep, it was full of nightmares – feeling like I was suffocating or in peril. Over the years of sleep deprivation, my health steadily declined with resultant hypertension, chronic sinusitis, and eventually atrial fibrillation. I finally realized that my sleep-dread began after I’d had wisdom teeth removed as an adult and my bite had changed. So I had a sleep study that showed moderate obstructive sleep apnea. A second study to fit a CPAP mask was a dismal failure – 14 different masks and nothing fit. I was in tears by the end of a sleepless night in the lab. My dentist suggested a SomnoDent and my life has turned around since I received it. The nightmares are now practically non-existent and my husband is delighted that I no longer snore. I’m off my blood pressure medications. I truly feel like a new person with much more energy. I can’t thank you folks enough for my SomnoDent. I’m convinced it has literally saved my life.
-Susan, Newport, OR

somnodent reviews

”I had been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea about four years earlier with an Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) number of 46. The first night I wore the device my wife said I didn’t snore. This continued for the next week and then I noticed I was dreaming.  I couldn’t remember dreaming. It has been incredible to wake up in the morning and remember my dreams! After a month of wearing my SomnoDent oral appliance, I had my follow-up sleep study.  My AHI number was 1.  I felt incredible.” Read Steven’s Story here »

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