Recommended bruxism treatment (teeth grinding) include behavioral therapies and using mouth splints or oral devices.

Prolonged bruxing can result in a number of serious problems and without treatment can irreversibly damage the structure and surface enamel of your teeth. Moderate to severe sleep bruxism, if left untreated, can result in jaw pain known as TMJ pain, headaches, damaged and loose teeth and gum recession. Other treatments, such as muscle relaxation exercises and sleep hygiene measures, may also help you manage your symptoms.

Bruxism Treatment

Mouth guards are available to buy from your local pharmacist. However, it’s unlikely to fit as well as one made by your dentist and many users report severe tooth movement. A mouth splint (also known as an occlusal splint or bite plate) is made from harder plastic and fits precisely over your upper or lower teeth.

Mouth splints tend to last for years, whereas mouth guards usually last for less than 6 months. A SomnoBrux™ splint or a SomnoDent oral device is worn during sleep to prevent tooth damage caused by grinding and to alleviate jaw and muscle pain. A SomnoDent or a SomnoBrux will provide a protective barrier between your tooth surfaces even out the pressure across your jaw and create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage.

SomnoDent and SomnoBrux devices are designed with your comfort in mind and offer several options for all patient types. Your SomnoBrux or SomnoDent oral device is custom made giving you a precise fit and allows you to have full range of mouth opening and closing. You will be able to talk, yawn and drink water while wearing the splint. When it comes to treating your bruxism do not compromise on quality.

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Every mouth is diff erent and our experienced technicians can customize a SomnoBrux especially for you. Speak to your dentist about any questions or concerns you might have. SomnoBrux is made from premium materials and is backed by a one year warranty.

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