Navigating the medical benefit landscape for obstructive sleep apnea reimbursement can be overwhelming. Because OSA is a medical condition, the claim is filed through a patient’s medical insurance provider. Below is a list of Medical Reimbursement Services for Dentist. 

Billing Services Resources for Your Practice

Nierman Practice Management 

The Leaders in helping dental practices implement medical billing, Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ through DentalWriter Software, CE, and Billing Services.

Experts:  Specialists in medical billing for sleep apnea with over 20 experienced account managers

Constant communication with your established account manager:  Nierman ensures prompt and thorough communication on any submitted patients with a dedicated team

Flat rate pricing for sleep apnea claims:  Provides flat rate pricing on sleep apnea claims, saving you money

Integration with your DentalWriter Software:  Use DentalWriter software to communicate with your account manager, avoiding faxing and paperwork

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