Social Media Basics for Dental Practices

By January 14, 2015October 13th, 2017Dental Sleep Management, Dentists
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Let’s face it. Social media for dentists isn’t easy. But we have complied a few Q&A’s from SomnoMed’s very own Digital Marketing Manager, Stacy Pinkerton, to cover the social media basics for dental practices.

Why is social media important for dental practice marketing?
Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn present an extraordinary marketing opportunity for dentists who are looking to promote their independent practices and/or their ability to treat patients for sleep apnea. Potential patients are increasingly embracing social networks as an integral part of their everyday lives.

Who is active on social media?
The interesting part is the phenomenon is no longer restricted to the young. Even the over 50 population is joining social sites in staggering numbers. Nielsen reports that more than 80% of all American adults use an online social network. Facebook gets the lion’s share, with Americans spending more time on Facebook than any other website. Yes, website. Much like SomnoMed, sleep dentists who have woken to the power of social media also realize that it is not just a tool for building relationships, but it’s also a good tool for business.

How do dental practices get involved with SomnoMed?
As a SomnoMed dental partner, we strongly encourage you to follow SomnoMed and share the content we produce and share on your own social channels. Our social strategy is to assist our dental partners by providing unique, relevant and highly useful content to share with your or potential SomnoDent patients.

How can practices use social media to stay connected to their patients?
Perhaps the best endorsement for any sleep dentist comes from patients. No amount of paid advertising and marketing can match the impact that a positive testimonial can have on a new patient. That is what generated content from social networks is all about. On SomnoMed’s social channels, patient testimonials consistently yield the highest amount of engagement. If a dentist invests enough time and effort to build a great social media presence, the results can be astounding – especially in terms of your customer reviews.


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stacypinkertonStacy Pinkerton joined SomnoMed in July 2014 as the Digital Marketing Manager and is responsible for providing digital marketing for SomnoMed North America via social, web, SEO and various other platforms. Stacy has accumulated nearly 10 years as a marketing leader within regional, national and global business-to-business and business-to-consumer facing brands delivering large, multifaceted (web, social, content, paid, events, etc) digitally driven campaigns. Stacy holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK.

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