How do I get a SomnoDent SUAD™ Device?

The SUAD™ Device may be available from a specially trained dental practitioner in your area.

That’s it! In three short, easy visits, you and everyone else in your home will enjoy a good night’s sleep!

*Please Note: Number and type of visits may vary, depending on your practitioner.

I’ve had sleep apnea for years. I’m over 40, overweight and have been using a gasmask attached to a jet engine (also known as the CPAP machine) for way too long. Last week I used the SomnoDent oral appliance for the first time and slept all night without snoring. My oxygen intake drastically increased. Go get tested and speak to your dentist. This is an amazing device that will change your life (and your spouse/partners too!). PJ, SomnoDent Patient