Braebon has been an established and proven source of high-quality sensors for years. The company is now the single-source provider of PSG sensors, accessories, snoring & apnea screeners, full PSG diagnostic systems, core management outcomes software, and therapeutic intraoral appliances. The DentiTrac™ is a miniature micro-recorder designed to measure patient treatment compliance using Braebon’s extensive world-leading experience in sensors and recorders.

SomnoMed is a distributor of  DentiTrac.  SomnoMed has exclusive distribution rights for DentiTrac for all oral devices outside of North America.

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Zephyr Sleep Technologies develops innovative and scientifically-validated medical products that improve therapeutic outcomes of oral appliances in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Zephyr is the developer of MATRx™, a sleep lab system that enables physicians and dentists to know, in advance, which patients will respond to oral appliance therapy and accurately predicts the therapeutic target protrusive position. MATRx brings sleep physicians and sleep dentists together to unlock the potential of oral appliance therapy and reach therapeutic outcomes that have previously been unattainable. 

SomnoMed® is a sales agent distributing MATRx for Zephyr Sleep Technologies.

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Easmed is a leading distributor specialising in the fields of ENT and Sleep Medicine who distributes SomnoMed products across South-East Asia.

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