Dental Sleep Medicine Education Goals for 2015
Top Quality Devices and Services to Treat OSA

As a sleep dentist, conducting a thorough oral exam to confirm your patients’ oral health status and fitting them for a custom device is an expertise gained over time. SomnoMed is partnering with sleep dentists across the country to ensure patients receive the best possible treatment option for them.

Dental Education

Our mission is to support the growing need for continuing education in Dentistry and Medicine and to serve as a resource to organizations seeking education for their members on the use of SomnoDent® therapy.

Resources for Dentists

Educational Videos

It is important to provide dentists on demand access to “how to” training for important procedures necessary when prescribing a SomnoDent.

Learn more about the SomnoDent world class devices, compliance recording capabilities and titration diagnostic testing and how SomnoMed can assist with any medical billing questions you may have.

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