Connecting Dentists with Patients and Physicians

We believe the key to the successful management of a patient with sleep disordered breathing is a partnership between dentist and physician. The SomnoMed® Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine Program will educate you and your staff to ensure you can comfortably treat patients with this condition in your practice. Our program will provide you with all the screening and support materials you need and by introducing you to local sleep healthcare professionals, we will assist you in developing a referral network and generating patient flow. To enroll in our next full day Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine Course or receive a SomnoMed Support Package Contact Us on +44 (0)7779 736 149 or contact us per Email:


Learn about sleep disordered breathing from specialist doctors and how to fit oral appliances from an experience dentist.Learn to screen patients with OSA and have a greater impact on your patients overall health. Understand the necessity of a physician referral network.

What’s Included:

  • Dentist and Sleep Physician presentations
  • Course manual
  • Marketing material
  • Learn to take bite impressions and bite registrations using the George Gauge
  • A SomnoDent model based on your own impressions
  • Home sleep study demonstration
  • Screening and diagnosis tools
  • Follow up visit by one of our SomnoMed consultants in your practise


Implement dental sleep medicine in your practice with staff education, screening tools and marketing assistance provided by your SomnoMed consultant. Screen your patients to identify a treatment group. Once referred, tested, diagnosed and a suggested treatment plan has been made, implement Dental Sleep Medicine in your practise.

  • An experienced SomnoMed consultant will visit your practice and train staff on taking accurate impressions, fitting the device and enabling your practice to start effectively screening and treating patients.
  • Necessary documentation – includes Referral Forms, Letter of Introduction, Epworth, patient declarations and disclaimers…



Grow your practise with our ongoing support and networks with industry.

Networking with Sleep Physicians.

Learn to speak the physicians language and support proposals with solid treatment protocols backed by evidence, then communicate efficiently and regularly about patient treatment. Become part of the treatment team by working together with Sleep Physicians and GP’s for the benefit of the patient, treating obstructive sleep Apnoea with maximum efficacy.

SomnoMed Dental Sleep Medicine Support Package

·          SomnoDent Model and Stand

·          Patient Brochures

·          Posters

·          Patient DVD

Educational Videos

It is important to provide dentists on demand access to “how to” training for important procedures necessary when prescribing a SomnoDent.