Question: I have seen ”Boil and Bite” devices available on line. These devices are a one size fits all temporary device. Will they work?

Answer: In a recent study, COMPARISON OF A CUSTOM-MADE AND THERMOPLASTIC ORAL APPLIANCE FOR THE TREATMENT OF MILD SLEEP APNEA (Vanderveken),  “results suggest that Thermoplastic devices cannot be recommended as a therapeutic option nor can they be used as a screening tool to find good candidates for Mandibular advancement therapy”.

Temporary “boil & Bite” devices (as they are known) are inexpensive and readily available however, they have been proven to be in effective. People come in all shapes and sizes and a custom made Mandibular Advancement Splint such as a SomnoDent has a much greater chance of effective treatment of sleep Apnoea. Temporary devices have been found to be ineffective as a treatment measure.

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Question: How long will my device last?

Answer: SomnoDent devices are covered under warranty for 2 years and should with normal use, last for 3-5 years. If you would like a list of SomnoMed Dentists in your area who can fit SomnoDent contact us.