SomTabs®  by SomnoMed® are recommended for the gentle and thorough cleaning of all SomnoMed devices. We recommend you clean your device either daily or weekly depending on your needs. SomTabs clean even the hard-to-reach areas of your device. See the Box for full direction on use.

      SomTabs are available in a pack of 30 at £12.50 per box and £3.00 (1st class post).


      SomTabs are a gentle and thorough cleaning method for all SomnoMed devices

      • Exclusively manufactured for SomnoMed and specifically designed for use with SomnoMed devices; helps to keep device in pristine working condition
      • The first and only oral device cleaning tablet that does not contain Sodium Perborate which is linked with toxicity to reproduction¹.

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      Important Reminders About Your Device and SomTabs
      • Keep device out of direct sunlight
      • Do not use toothpaste on the device as it contains abrasives and may damage device
      • Never use hot water as it will damage the device
      • Never place SomTabs or the solution in mouth
      • Keep away from children and domestic animals
      • If swallowed seek immediate medical advice
      • Not recommended for users with known Hyper-sensitivity to Persulfates.