Characteristics of a Quality Oral Device

All oral devices are not created equal. For patients with obstructive sleep apnoea – the comfort and quality of their device is paramount to them receiving the full clinical benefit of the product. Because patients will wear their devices all night – it is important to ensure a drop-in, custom fit by working closely with sleep dentists who have substantial experience in treating OSA and SomnoMed is committed to connecting physicians with a network of experienced and trained dental professionals.

Medical Education

SomnoMed® recognizes the importance of providing clinical evidence to support the comfort, quality, compliance and efficacy of SomnoDent® devices. With over fifteen clinical studies, the most in the industry, physicians and dentists can count on the efficacy and experience patients will have when fitted with a SomnoDent.

Resources for Physicians

Learn more about how to conduct an in lab titration study to predict the effectiveness of a SomnoDent device as well as the new compliance recording capabilities that ensure patients are wearing the device as prescribed. If you are interested in finding a SomnoMed preferred dentist in your area, contact us.

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