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Medical Education for Sleep Medicine

Supporting your commitment to provide the best possible care for your patients

With an unmatched level of investment in clinical research and product development, SomnoMed is committed to clinically validating and ensuring our devices’ comfort, quality, compliance and efficacy.

SomnoMed® recognizes the importance of providing clinical evidence to support the comfort, quality, compliance and efficacy of SomnoDent® devices. With over fifteen clinical studies, the most in the industry, physicians and dentists can count on the efficacy and experience patients will have when fitted with a SomnoDent.

Resources for Physicians

Learn more about how to conduct an in lab titration study to predict the effectiveness of a SomnoDent device as well as the new compliance recording capabilities that ensure patients are wearing the device as prescribed. If you are interested in finding a SomnoMed preferred dentist in your area, contact us.

somnodent oral device
Characteristics of a Quality Oral Device

All oral devices are not created equal. For patients with OSA – the comfort and quality of their device is paramount to them receiving the full clinical benefit of the product. Learn more.

Physician Toolkit & Resource Library

Find research, resources and materials to help you learn about SomnoMed’s oral devices, clinical articles, and information to partner with dentists in yoru area. Access toolkit.

Clinical Evidence: COAT

With an unmatched level of investment in clinical research and product development, SomnoMed® is committed to clinically validating oral appliance therapy. Access clinical studies. 

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