UK & Ireland team

Alison Bell

Sales Manager | UK

I joined SomnoMed in October 2019.  In the time I have been with SomnoMed I have learned a huge amount about sleep disordered breathing, the extensive list of comorbidities and the costs to the NHS and society of undiagnosed and untreated Sleep Apnoea.  I was shocked that, in the main, NHS sleep services are only able to offer one treatment option to patients for this serious medical condition. It is undeniable that CPAP is an effective treatment, so if you can wear it every night then that is great, stick with it, but I guess then you wouldn’t be looking at our website!  If you are visiting our website because you don’t get on with CPAP, you are not alone. Research proves that many people, around 50%, are just not able to use it.  But what happens next?  The days of going to the chemist or the internet for an inferior, unfitted, uncomfortable oral device are over.  Monoblocks, semi-bespoke and boil and bite devices are unacceptable.

The published NICE guidelines clearly state that the only acceptable alternative treatment for OSA is a bespoke, adjustable, dentally fitted medical device.  SomnoMed’s devices fit that description perfectly, so what are you waiting for?!


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