Easy Steps To Order From Us

1. Take Impressions

• More than type 3 stone upper and lower models OR
• PVS or silicone based upper and lower impressions PLUS
• Bite taken 60-80% of patient’s maximum protrusion using a SOMGauge with bite fork


Intra Oral Scans

Intra Oral Scans are now accepted. To begin a Digital Workfow please contact us.

2. Complete a Lab Form

• Please complete the lab form in full to ensure warranty of the patients device.
• A lab form must also be completed in full for all repairs.
• We need patient’s full name, referring physician and your contact details.
Lab forms can be downloaded on our website. Click on ‘Resources for Dentists’ then ‘Lab Forms’

3. Call for a Pick Up

Call us on:

1800 445 660

4. Allow for Lead Times

12 days from delivery to SomnoMed
9 days from delivery to SomnoMed
4 days from delivery to SomnoMed

Tips on How to Place a SomnoDent Order

Further support

Patient Consent Form

Download a copy of a patient consent form here, SomnoMed recommends dentists have a signed copy of this form for your patient records of every SomnoDent case.

Product Support

SomnoMed has consultants who can visit your practice and provide you with more details on our products and services.

Contact us to organise a visit from one of our consultants or speak to our Laboratory directly regarding your case on 1800 445 660