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Regularly inspect your SomnoDent® oral appliance for damage such as fractures and cracks. If it is damaged or broken, do not use it to avoid injuries like choking or laceration. Take it to your SomnoMed® dental sleep provider for repair by a SomnoMed® laboratory.

Repairs, including those under warranty, should be taken to your SomnoMed® Dentist and not sent directly to SomnoMed®.

The SomnoDent® Oral Appliance has a 3-year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty from the date of delivery to the Providing Dentist. The warranty is invalidated if the patient has subsequent substantial restorative work and covers only in-mouth breakage. If new models or impressions are required, the warranty is void. Warranty repair work may only be completed by the authorised SomnoMed® facility at which the SomnoDent® was originally manufactured.

Repairs not covered under warranty include, but are not limited to: reset bites, acrylic fracture; clasp repair; wing repair; and other damage not caused by manufacturing defects.

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