Device care

Every morning, after removing your device, rinse it under cold running water and wash with a small amount of liquid soap and a soft toothbrush. Fill your device container with fresh cold water and store the device in it throughout the day without the lid to ensure adequate air circulation.

When your device requires a more thorough clean, we recommend SomTabs® to clean hard-to-reach areas. SomTabs are available from our online store and can be used as required.

Fill container with luke warm water and add a SomTab; leave to soak for 15 minutes only. After soaking, clean your device with a soft toothbrush rinse with fresh water and store immersed in water in container as usual.

Other helpful care tips:

  • Keep your device out of direct sunlight.
  • Never use toothpaste on the device as it contains abrasives and may damage your device.
  • Never use hot or boiling water to clean your device.
  • Always brush your teeth thoroughly prior to inserting your device for the evening.

Note: Cleaning tablets containing active oxygen for dentures may permanently damage the plastic of your device. The use of any cleaning agents not recommended by SomnoMed will void the device’s warranty.

**Australian resident orders only! Orders from outside Australia will be refunded.