A new clinically
validated bio-signal to

diagnose sleep apnea

Sunrise detects respiratory events based on the analysis of the trigeminal drive. This new technology measures movements caused by the contraction of respiratory muscles and provides reliable and accurate information to analyse sleep

Highest level of accuracy

At home




TGA Approved

10 Years of scientific research

15+ Publications

90% accordance with PSG according to the studies

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Sunrise technology captures the respiratory signal at its source.

No night in the hospital, no cables, no electrodes… Just your chin and that’s all! We discovered it to be the best placement for measuring mandibular movements, which are the ideal signal for understanding what the brain does to protect your breathing at night.

A major innovation in sleep medicine over the last 20 years, this technology has been validated by world-renowned experts.

Sunrise, just 3 grams small, delivers your results as soon as you wake up. With your report ready you can be connected with the right sleep specialist to ensure you receive your personalised medical plan and monitoring.

Sunrise is a Level 4 sleep test, Level 4 sleep tests measure less parameters about your sleep compared with level 1, 2 and 3 sleep tests. 

We recommend you consult with your GP or Specialist to discuss whether sunrise is right for you.

Your GP or Specialist may want you to do further testing to confirm the results of your sunrise sleep test.


A sleep test shouldn’t be complicated

The brain plays a critical role in maintaining upper airway patency by contracting muscles which are attached to a mobile bone called the mandible.

The mandibular movements reveal the changes in the trigeminal motor nucleus activity driven by the brainstem centre. These mandibular movements are a direct proxy of how the sleeping centres in the brain regulate sleep and respiration, informing about the major events required for characterizing sleep apnea:

  • Robust and accurate measurement of Total Sleep Time 
  • Micro-arousals index 
  • Obstructive Apnea/hypopnea
  • Head position
  • Sleep staging1
  • Respiratory effort measurement (RERAs)1


The Sunrise at home sleep test

The Sunrise Home Sleep test is a simple and effective way to check if you have sleep apnea.



Comfortable and easy to use on the chin test without the need for doctor referral. No messy wires or restrictive equipment


Clinically validated to detect respiratory events and diagnose Sleep Apnea with just 1 night

No Waiting

Don’t be held back by appointment wait times to see a doctor or for testbed availability. With Sunrise, no appointments are necessary.


With simple at home testing your sleep results will be available to you within your app and the Sleep Study Report from your Sunrise will be shared, along with your medical questionnaire, with an Australian accredited Sleep Physician. You will receive a report back with clinical treatment options.

What is the process?

What happens when you get your Sunrise Home Sleep test

Home sweet home

Step 1

Step 1

You will receive your Sunrise test at home with all the required information on how to use the device.

Pair your sensor

Step 2

Step 2

To start the sleep test, the sensor is paired with the Sunrise mobile application via a smartphone.

Good morning!

Step 3

Step 3

Wake up and synchronise to the app. You will see the test measurements within the app the same day

A treatment for you

Step 4

Step 4

The Sleep Study Report from your Sunrise will be shared, along with your medical questionnaire, with an Australian accredited Sleep Physician. You will receive a report back with clinical treatment options.

Note: Should you have OSA, these clinical recommendations can be discussed with your doctor.

2 The Sunrise sensor is intended to be used together with the Sunrise SDDA software to enable it to achieve the intended purpose by recording patient mandibular movements during sleep and sending recorded data to the Sunrise mobile application via Bluetooth. These data will be processed and analysed by the Sunrise SDDA software. The Sunrise sensor does not pursue a medical purpose on its own.