Sleep Deprivation Is Hurting Our Relationships

The signs that you are experiencing sleep deprivation.


Fewer Conversations

Another way our brain suffers from sleep deprivation, is our decreasing our ability to concentrate, focus, or even think clearly. This affects our relationships simply by hindering our ability to speak. Instead of having lively discussions, we find our communication skills aren’t up to par. We’re unknowingly missing out on the little details which create lasting memories around the dinner table.

Social Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for sleep deprivation or an undiagnosed sleep disorder to lead to other issues, such as depression or anxiety. These conditions affect our desire to go out and socialize. When we are depressed or fatigued from lack of sleep, our willingness to “join in the fun” and go out with friends isn’t as appealing. We don’t have the energy or the inclination. We’re tired. This means we spend less time with our family and friends, and more time trying to catch up on sleep.

Sleeping Apart

Snoring has been listed as the number one reason why couples sleep in separate bedrooms. When sleep deprivation or untreated sleep disorders go on for lengthy periods of time, it leads to more distance in more ways than one. If our OSA causes continual snoring, tossing and turning, and loud gasps for breath, it may be impossible for our partners to sleep well too.

But There’s Hope…

Once treatment has started, symptoms of OSA can be reversed. None of the sleep deprivation side effects have to be permanent! Starting to #GetSomSleep is the best way to get our life and relationships back on track. So get tested, use our find a provider portal, and get fitted for a SomnoDent today.

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