CEO Message

Hello, I’m Neil Verdal-Austin

Neil Verdal-Austin | CEO & Managing Director, SomnoMed®

SomnoMed® is a proud global leader in the treatment of OSA patients with a comfortable oral appliance solution. SomnoMed’s long history of clinical research, exceptional products and continued investment in innovation, has set the company apart within the industry. SomnoMed® is patient centric and adopts an all-inclusive multi-disciplinary treatment approach. The company believes that in order to treat a long term serious disease patients need a long term effective treatment solution. That is the SomnoDent® Oral Appliance. This is the world’s most comfortable, durable and effective treatment for OSA patients. SomnoMed® is renowned for its heritage of proven results with continuing education of dentists and medical specialists in over 28 counties globally at the forefront of our investment.

We warmly welcome all visitors to our website. We trust that you will become enriched through your discovery and treated for life with a SomnoDent® Oral Appliance.

“We change people’s lives”.