All About SomnoMed’s First Time Fit Promise

With the right scans or impressions, we can produce an oral appliance for effectively treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) that drops right into a patient’s mouth – with no modifications required.


What Is Our First Time Fit Promise?

Here at SomnoMed®, we pride ourselves on our First Time Fit, Every Time promise. What does this mean? Before shipment, we review every device to make sure it will allow for a “drop in” fit. In other words, it doesn’t fall off of your patient’s teeth, and it has been made exactly to the specifications provided so that no adjustments are necessary.

How are SomnoDent® Oral Devices Made?

SomnoMed® is the global leader in design and manufacture of oral appliances for sleep apnea. In our state-of-the-art, ISO 13485 certified facilities, our skilled laboratory specialists work diligently. We use the utmost care, accuracy, and precision – while adhering to the highest standards of quality – to provide dentists and patients alike with reliable, effective, and premium oral devices.

We pride ourselves on delivering a suite of devices with a wide array of options to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients, as we realize that no two patients are alike. That’s why SomnoMed® has developed the SomnoDent® family of oral devices – a collection of clinically proven oral devices, leveraging the most innovative advancements.

How does b-flex Comfort Liner work with First Time Fit?

Since beginning the manufacture of oral appliances in 2004, SomnoMed® has continuously improved the SomnoDent® range. We’ve placed a strong focus on enhancing patient comfort and improving the treatment of sleep apnea. With this in mind, we created our proprietary b-flex Comfort Liner – which only serves to assist with our First Time Fit, Every Time promise.

SomnoMed® oral devices with b-flex Comfort Liner technology support and cushion each tooth, reducing pressure and evenly distributing occlusal loads – thereby maximizing comfort for each patient. A soft, innovative inner liner seamlessly fuses with the strong, cross-linked dental acrylic outer layer of our devices to make them beautifully unified and translucent.

Our latest innovations are incorporated into our SomnoDent® Avant, encouraging patients to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

How does our SomnoDent® Avant adhere to our First Time Fit promise?

The SomnoDent® Avant is our most comfortable appliance ever.

Manufacture of our SomnoDent® Avant begins with a digital photo of a patient’s teeth, which we receive from our trusted dental partners. Using this photo, we design the oral device specifically for the patient’s teeth and jaw shape, utilizing Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software tools. We build the oral device with computer-controlled milling robots, which carves out the design from a single piece of dental plastic – tests have exhibited that this method results in stronger appliances. We then add the soft b-flex Comfort Liner for comfort and polish, so there are no sharp edges within the devices, and it’s comfortable in the patient’s mouth.

With the right scans or impressions, we can produce a SomnoDent® Avant that just drops into the patient’s mouth – no modifications required. That’s our First Time Fit, Every Time promise. With the b-flex Comfort Liner, the appliance feels more comfortable to wear and is more retentive. The pre-curing process improves the flexural strength of the material by 18%, reducing the number of breakages and remakes that can eat into your chair time. With this overall process, as the oral appliance is more durable and more comfortable than most other devices, your patient is more likely to wear it, and their sleep apnea will therefore be more effectively treated.

Our SomPledge

Our SomPledge is our commitment to quality in all of our oral appliances. Each of our appliances are manufactured to ISO 13485 standards, for quality manufacture of medical devices. We ensure end-to-end monitoring of each device during production – from scans, to manufacture, to delivery. We utilize tried and tested materials, including dental acrylic and the b-flex Comfort Liner. We offer online ordering and invoice payment for convenience (US and ANZ only, coming soon to other markets). And, finally, we oversee a 100% review of iOS scans or impressions before manufacture to ensure that every device will be comfortable for every patient – which includes our First Time Fit, Every Time promise.

SomnoMed® has become one of the largest oral device companies for Obstructive Sleep Apnea worldwide. Connect with us for more information on our products, and how you can access them for your patients:

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